"I Am Dying"


Dear Eagles Family,

Below is the public channeling from Wednesday night. We had a first-time treat by being honored with the presence of our Mother Earth. It was a very disturbing message she brought, however it does correspond with much that has been brought through, particularly the recent Matthew messages. Normally the Eagles channelings go to the Church supporters only, however, we have been asked to post the following message worldwide...so please feel free to send it to any and all groups you belong to as long as all information is left intact.

Please allow me a word or two before you read or send it out. We have read many, many channelings from and about 'Gaia', most of them saying how wonderfully we are all doing in ascending the planet. Well, this channeling gives a different perspective. Evidently we aren't doing so well. Please search your heart as your read it and, in your discernment, if you don't think it to be 'truth', I ask you this...are you sure? Are you really willing to take the chance that everything is going according to Plan? For those of you who are outraged at man's inhumanity to man, the senseless slaughter of of whales and dolphins, the cutting down of our much-needed forests, as well as the extinction of many species, please read the special Notice at the end of the message.

Love and Blessings,


Wednesday Night Gathering
Public Channeling from Sananda’s Eagles
Gaia/Gaiamma 08-31-05
Through the Body of Debbie Wright

Debbie has been a trans-dimensional trance medium for various Masters and Angels since 1994. The fascinating aspect of this type of channeling is that Debbie’s presence and consciousness temporarily leaves and the elected Ascended Being is able to use her body, not in a merged consciousness, but in the fullness of who they are; clear and precise. This is a powerful act of total trust and love on the part of Debbie, whose purpose in channeling is to fulfill her Contracts and lend her energies toward allowing the messages and Divine Guidance to be heard.


Gaiamma: I would like to introduce myself. Is that permissible? [yes] You may call me Gay-AH’-mah. That is the closest thing to a name that I will allow myself to have. <grin> But you know me by another name. If you were to spell my name that I just gave you, how would you spell it? [various guesses] Gay-AH’-mah. Now, does any of that sound familiar? You know me well. Think. You mispronounce the name you know me by, however. I’ll give you a hint. ‘Ahma’…do you know what ‘Ahma’ means?

Guest: Mother.

Gaiamma: Yes, ‘mother’. Gay-AH’-mah.

Group: Gaia…Mother Earth.

Gaiamma: Very good. <grin> But it is Gay-AH’-mah. You might say that I am the one that you do not wish to fool [Mother Nature], and it is very welcoming for me to be ‘Light’ like this, in a body. This is the Lightness of Being. [to guest] And I asked to come in and talk to YOU, because I need for you to know something. It is ME that you have felt in the canyon. Guess where I get MY life from…the one you call Wisdom. She is MY mother, and I am YOUR mother…at least the mother of your bodies…and I came to ask you to come back. [guest is leaving town for several months]

Guest: That’s my intention.

Gaiamma: That’s what you’ve been ‘saying’. I am asking you to come back. I need more like you. You asked for water; ‘I’ gave you water. Maybe not the way you wanted it, but I was attempting to prove a point. You wish wind? I give you wind. You wish water? I give you water. The water that you love so much…it isn’t the water you love, it’s me in the water. Can we understand? But, you see, I’m in here, I’m in here, and I’m in here [points to various inanimate objects]. I’m in fire [points to a candle]. But the thing you have to understand is, this [the physical body] is nothing but ‘me’. I contain you and you contain me. It’s that simple. Your contract to be here [Earth] is with me. For every one of you that chose to come for my Call, you contracted through me. I gave my approval for each and every one of you…because you came. I have protected you how many times?

Guest: More times than I can count.

Gaiamma: All of my gifts are available for you when you remember that you’re here for ‘me’. And when you get angry, as all mothers, I nod, I sigh, but I constantly love, I constantly protect. You have your freewill choice, this I know. But I have sacred places that have to be cleansed, and every time you got angry in my canyon, the healing couldn’t take place. Only joy, love, laughter and gratitude for the Lightness of Being that you are can heal the spots that have been damaged. You’ve done well, as long as you enjoyed what you were doing, and there are other spots that need just as much work. Do you understand? [yes] All I ask you is, when you decide to come back, for each spot that you hold sacred, bring a piece back with you, whether it be a container of water, a pouch of dirt, a rock, a plant, a seed, it doesn’t matter. But before you leave, take a piece of that canyon with you when you go to remind you of your work. I ask you to pick one piece from where you went today, one piece from that place [the other canyon] and keep them with you to remind you of the areas that need the most work because, as you are seeing, places that many hold dear are currently being destroyed. This has to happen. Not the children…some have contracted to go, that is not my choice. But for every place that gets destroyed, a new Eden must be prepared. They have to find their way Home. They’re being forced to live in places that they’ve become too comfortable in…the resources are gone. They have to go and set themselves a new home in places that need them, places that need love, places that, once again, can become fertile and supply everything that they need. And only those that know fertile ground can make fertile out of arid desert. Understand? [yes] The portal that you felt isn’t what’s important; what’s important is the life teeming underneath the surface begging to be released, to flourish once again. Do you understand? [yes] If you do not understand, ask. If you choose not to come back, someone else will be chosen. But I ask you to come back. Do what you need to do, and do not change your mind…go. Go and get the pieces of the places that you hold dear, taking with you the desert that still needs you more, and bring those pieces of those sacred fertile places back to the desert with you. You and the others like you are the Gardeners; you’re the ones that will make the desert grow. That is your Contract with me. The areas that you love so much, visit, embrace, hold dear, and take pieces with you but do not stay longer than one of your years…or you might die with it. And I will put the question in your mind…that does not mean there was a prophecy from Gianna…it’s just a warning for ‘you’. Understand? [yes] The wings of a butterfly can cause a hurricane halfway around the world. One man on a mission, pushing his destiny beyond what is ordained into what he chooses, can stop the world from spinning. Oooh…do you think that will get him? <grin> I need you…and you. Each and every one of you, when you walk upon the face of ‘me’…rejoice, because if you rejoice as you walk you keep me from dying. I am dying…and that was not supposed to happen. Only when my children…and I mean ALL of my children…can embrace ‘me’ as ‘themselves’, can I once again flourish in health. Look at me…do you think I wish to be incinerated in order to purify all the wrong that has been done? I’ve given all of you once last chance, but PLEASE do not say that I have to live with the scars that have been inflicted upon me. Do not feel like you have a RIGHT to pray that I STOP the changes that inflict even MORE damage on me and on my children. The waste that gets pumped out of the oceans [referring to oil derricks] was killing life that you don’t even consider to be ‘life’. Shall I give you clarity? One machine on a platform in a sea pumping oil kills MILLIONS of lifeforms A DAY…thus ends the cycle, because when you can’t even perceive these lifeforms with the naked eye, to you they don’t exist, but to other lifeforms it’s their food. You kill off their food; you kill off them. You kill off them; you kill off the next lifeform that feeds on them. You kill off them…and it continues on. And you think you’re smart enough to stop it by killing off what you deem to be ‘predators’? Mankind has become the greatest predator in history. Is that something to be proud of? You prey on lifeforms that you don’t even know you’re annihilating! And every extinction is another mortal wound to ‘me’. An amputation. Enjoy your fingers, your toes, you arms, and your legs. If I had a body like you, right now I would be down to a head with a trunk, nothing more. I wouldn’t even have a nose or ears or eyelids. It’s got to stop! If it can stop, I can regenerate. Your bodies can regenerate because you are a part of ‘me’. If it can stop, I can regenerate. Forget about thinking that you have to go back through and correct the past, just stop the future killings! The beasts…they were the most intelligent beasts on the face of ‘me’…they’re dying, they are almost gone, and humanity looks stupid compared to them. As soon as they ARE gone, that is when I will give up. And they are the ones you know of as the whales. When the last one leaves…I will die. [to guest] I did not come to make you feel bad; I came to thank you. I came to thank you for what you’ve already done, and I BEG you to come back and finish. [softly crying].

Guest: I didn’t realize I was stuck to a locality. I thought I could work from anywhere.

Gaiamma: You can, but there are certain places that can prevent catastrophes from taking place, and this area is one of the safest areas that anyone can be in during the coming times.

Guest: What can those of us sitting here do…starting tomorrow?

Gaiamma: Walk upon my skin with love, walk upon my skin with joy and happiness, and a little compassion wouldn’t hurt. I would never oppose and impose upon you to cease what gives you comfort, just be aware of the comforts you have that cause the damage to ME. For you see, I don’t ask you to worship me, I’m not a ‘god’, I ask you to ‘respect’ me. That’s it. Respect all life upon me because it is nothing but an extension of ‘me’. Quit thinking ‘singularly’, that humans are the only life here. Love the rocks…they are ‘me’; love the plants…they are ‘me’. The fish, the birds, the tiniest of insects…they are all ‘me’. Your bodies have certain specific chemicals within them that make you function. If you lose some of these chemicals, you become unbalanced. Each one of my lifeforms are my chemicals…and I am very out of balance right now. And when too much is being done to me in one place, that can cause irreparable harm, then and only then do I have a right to unleash what you perceive to be my fury, when in actuality, it’s nothing more than a defensive action to preserve all life, not just mine.

Guest: Has what is happening in New Orleans helped?

Gaiamma: Helped? It stopped something from going on that has been causing too much harm, and it wasn’t just in that one place. You haven’t even begun to hear of the damage that was done. I believe you call them ‘oil derricks’, that now no longer exist. Unfortunately, it polluted the water and more of the fish had to die. Fortunately, there are migration patterns that most of these aquatic creatures follow that caused them to be out of the area at the time. <grin> There were other creatures that…they do not ‘hear’, they feel motion in their brains…and the signals were given to them to leave before they were meant to leave. <chuckle> I have the capacity of ‘gumming up the works’ with ‘parts of me’. Lower lifeforms can be used for many, many advantageous moves. <grin> Let us say you scratch yourself, you’re out in nature, you’re dirty and you want to clean it but you have no water available. [demonstrates cleaning with saliva]. I can use jellyfish in the same manner. <grin> [referring to the recent nuclear energy leak in Sweden and shut-down of the facility] Because the part you will never know is, that reactor was going to blow anyway…through human error. It was already dispensing far too much radiation, so the works get ‘gummed up’ a bit to make them do what needs to be done. I will guarantee you one thing…no matter how smart humanity thinks they are, you see ‘my’ intelligence on a daily basis if you just pay attention to it. It’s in the tiniest ant that can carry 1000 times its own weight upon its back, for the good of the colony; the dog that can lick your wound and make it better faster than your scientists’ antibiotics can. Bottle dog saliva; it will work every time. <grin> They have their purpose. Everything that I have gifted to you has a purpose. So, therefore, to respect, how about a little bit of gratitude to each of those lifeforms when you encounter them? It’s that simple.

Guest: What’s the purpose of mosquitoes?

Gaiamma: Food for others, a viable food source. Unfortunately, they are the type of prey that like to pretend that they’re the predator every once in awhile. But isn’t that what you call ‘balance’? There are certain animals that you breed, that you intentionally breed, for a food source; this is wonderful, as long as you treat them with respect. But let me ask you this. Do you really wish to have a nice, juicy steak from an animal that has been fed its own feces? You do it all the time. But, then again, the brilliant mind of humanity says, “What I don’t know won’t hurt me” or “Ignorance is bliss”. Well, what you refuse to know, someone else is paying the price for.

You say you have awakened to the Call, that you’re doing your work. Are you? Are you really? “There is only so much one man can do.” “One man can’t make a difference.” I know all of your clichés; I’ve heard them time and time again. For every time you say you’ve got something that you’re here to do, you can come up with at least three clichés to explain why you don’t. [to guest] Yes, you can do your work anywhere, and I will honor you for wherever you do your work, but I ask you to come back here to the place that needs it the most.

Guest: I understand this, but is this whole trip going to be a pointless waste of time and that’s it?

Gaiamma: Is that what I said? [no] OK, then quit thinking with the human mind and feel what I am telling you. I am telling you to go back; I’m telling you to get pieces of those places that you hold dear and bring them back with you for THIS place. The water that you love so much…bring some back here and put it in a place that doesn’t have water. I believe you call it ‘transplant’. Transplant a fertile energy into a non-fertile energy and see what happens! You HAVE to go back, if for nothing more than to prove to yourself that you can. And you CAN, because some of the places that you hold near and dear, now need healing, too. And when you see them, and you see the way that they are NOW as opposed to how they were ‘then’, take your shoes off, dig your toes in the dirt and love it, and then bring a piece of it back with you. You’re going back to look with brand new eyes. See the garbage, see the pollution, see the devastation; that’s how you need to see it now because it is one of those places that are causing too much harm. Not the exact places that you go to, but that’s mighty big water and there’s a lot of nasty things that go into that water. You know what I mean. And it WILL stop! But you have to go back for ‘you’. And when I ask you to come back, I ask you to come back with joy; and if you can’t do that, don’t come back. Because the most sacred of place ‘there’ [in the canyon], that I asked you to work on, it needs joy more than anything else because when joy finds it, then and only then can it flourish. How many of you have ever talked to your plants? Do you notice a difference? What difference?

Guest: They brighten up; flourish.

Gaiamma: Do you think that they don’t feel the love? When you talk to your plants you are acknowledging your plant as an intelligent Being, a friend. You’re showing it ‘respect’. Now, how many of you had a ‘pet rock’? <grin> And you talk to it, and you feel the love coming back off of it? There you have it; I show you love all the time, all I ask is that you show me love...respect. I don’t blame YOU for what’s been done. Now…some of you I can blame because you were here before…many, many times. So, yes, some of you did contribute. I’m alive. I’m a living, breathing entity that gives you the ability to live while you’re a part of me. That’s all I ask…explain it [to others]. There are too many that take advantage of me on a daily basis, that refuse to even acknowledge that I’m alive! If I’m not alive, how do they live? The stupidity must stop. The ignorance must stop. The matricide must stop. If ‘I’ die, we all die together. And the only clue I can give you is…watch the whales. The last whale that dies signals your death and the death of everyone that is a part of me. So does that tell you where you should start?

Janisel: Ashtar developed the ‘Clean Air’ crystals to clean up the air, so for the water…

Gaiamma: You already have something to clean the water.

Janisel: You mean the crystals that he was having us put in all the rivers, oceans, etc.? They actually ‘clean’ the water?

Gaiamma: Most definitely!

Janisel: Then we will reactivate Rainbow Cross.

Gaiamma: If that is your intention, that is all you need. As you throw the crystals in the water, say my name…Gay-AH’-mah. You want to program a rock to do something for you? Say my name. You wish your garden to flourish? Say my name. Understand? If you spread the word and you tell people to take these crystals, to put them into the oceans and the seas, to start bringing back life that is failing, tell them…as they put the crystals in the water to say my name 3 times aloud. That will tell the crystals EXACTLY what they’re there to do. EXACTLY! Understand?

Janisel: I really need to know how to spell your name for the transcript.

Gaiamma: G-a-i-a-m-m-a There are some that spell it Gayama, but they’ve always forgotten the ‘mama’ part. <grin> They say ‘GUY’uh’, but it’s Gay’AH’mah. It means Earth Mother. This ‘rock’ is ‘me’. [to guest] Do not feel that I am asking you to do something you’re not prepared to do, and, as I said, it’s always your choice. If you choose to stay when you go back, just let me know, speak it. How do you contact me?

Guest: Say your name out loud 3 times. I’m not backing away from my job just because I’m taking a break from this area.

Gaiamma: I understand; I understand more than you could possibly understand. I know why you need to go to these places because I was there with you. Same with you [another guest], I know why there are places you go.

Guest: To be with you.

Gaiamma: Yes! [to group] All I ask is that you let everyone know…I’m alive. Barely, but I’m alive.

Janisel: The people that we deal with all know that you are a living Being. It seems to be the unawakened who think of you as nothing more than as a hunk of real estate.

Gaiamma: Oh, there you are wrong. They KNOW it is my waste that they are mining; they just don’t like being reminded.

Guest: So they still deliberately do that?

Gaiamma: To make money…yes! They do it all the time! It is either always done ‘for’ money or ‘to save’ money. The huge barges of waste…where do you think they put it?

Group: In the water or in the land.

Gaiamma: If it’s in the land, the land shall eat it. If they put it in the ocean, they kill ‘life’. Nuclear waste goes into the ocean and never leaves. It gets absorbed in the lives in my oceans, which then get eaten by YOU. It doesn’t go away! But things can regenerate; that is what is so lovely about this life is, once the intention is to stop repeating bad behaviors, things can change for the better. They CAN regenerate. I can grow fingers and toes and arms and legs and ears and a nose and eyelids, but it has to stop. I know you will never be able to stop them ‘all’, but at least if I have a balance of those that have stopped as opposed to those who haven’t stopped, then there’s still that fighting chance. I will tell you this: the people that do this to me, your lack of action has put into office to give them the power to do it. Too many of you believe you’re too enlightened to vote on the things that count. Can you understand this? You have leaders in your offices here [U.S.], in this portion of ‘me’, that refuse to even go discuss ME at all! And they are the ones that are doing the greatest portion of the damage. That is why. All you have to do is find your voice, the voice of many can be heard far above the ravings of a few. Did you get that…the ravings of a few? Because when you have someone that is fighting a war to gain access to the oil, who already HAS access to the oil, and then tells you that you have to pay more for it anyway, you believe it. You believe it!

Group: Not this group!

Gaiamma: Then where’s your voice?

Guest: Where should the voice start in order to be heard, on the Internet?

Gaiamma: Where CAN you voice?

Guest: There are groups. Write to senators and congressmen, etc.

Gaiamma: I cannot do ALL of your thinking for you. I can tell you the problems, which you already know exists! All I ask is to do SOMETHING! Because when you put action into doing something, that is that ‘every little bit’ that helps! THAT is a voice, a voice crying out in the madness, saying “Excuse me, you’re killing my mother, and I refuse to participate!” That’s why you’re here [Earth]! That’s why I’ve never wanted to come through before, that’s why…

Guest: Why?

Gaiamma: I never want anyone to feel like I am this egotistical Being that’s going to start coming through, telling you that I’m going to destroy you if you don’t help me! I have sat back and waited for the help, waited for the voices. And, yes, there are a ‘few’, there are those few voices that have kept me alive for this long!

Janisel: Is Greenpeace effective?

Gaiamma: Yes, of course. If nothing else, they have saved the whales up until now. They are a laughing stock, yet they continue on. They have been BOMBED and they continue on. All I ask is that you use your voice in whatever manner possible. Spread the word, spread the crystals, save the last whales! Those are the only sign I can give you. You eat tuna? You are supporting those that kill the whales. If your entire society runs on ‘money’, what is the best voice that you can have?

Guest: Stop giving them the money.

Gaiamma: Understand? I’m not going to ask you to give up everything, I’m really not, I’m just asking you to ‘think’. Think of the things that you do, whether they be large or whether they be small, that contribute to what has been happening, what you are here to stop. The death of a planet. Can you understand that? The death of a planet…ONCE AGAIN in this solar system! You look at the dog…if you amputate her foot, just the foot, she can’t walk. If you amputate here [the elbow joint], she can walk OK but she will stumble. If you amputate here [at the shoulder], it’s as if she never lost that foot because she readapts to everything. Look at your solar system. THIS IS GOING TO BE THE THIRD DEAD PLANET IN THIS SOLAR SYSTEM. How much longer can it withstand that? How many more planets can die before you learn? That’s why your sun is so out of balance right now…it can’t sustain too many more dead planets. That’s what a solar system is, it is an ecosystem just like the ecosystem in the ocean that I told you is being destroyed, and you’re allowing it to happen again. As I said, I am not blaming you as you are NOW; you, NOW, are the ones that came to stop the problem. STOP THE PROBLEM…I’M BEGGING!!! Whether you think it’s an ‘efficient’ way to stop the problem or not, it does not matter, but it has to stop. [crying] Think of yourself as a mother…would you sacrifice yourself for your children?

Group: Yes

Gaiamma: As would I. But the thing about it is, if I sacrifice myself, all my children die anyway! And I have been sacrificing myself for far too long. The only thing you need to concern yourself with is, I have been sustaining life here for longer than even your scientists want to imagine, and it’s only been in the last 100 years, just the last 100 years that the death throes have been inflicted. That’s only 100 years that you have to stop.

Guest: Would the voices from the humans reach the Ascended Masters and other Forces of Light…would that…

Gaiamma: They are waiting for you! They have to wait for you! They’ve been telling you all along that you’re here to save ‘me’. You’re not here to save ‘me’, you’re here to save me and all my children…and you are my children while you are here. So, you’re here to save yourselves. You’re here to save the plants, ALL lifeforms, but you’re also here to save the solar system. Because, if I die, your sun will not be able to sustain the rest of this solar system…and it WILL cause a black hole. That’s what they [Ascended Masters and Space Brotherhood] have been scared to tell you because they don’t want you to feel overwhelmed. I’m grasping at straws. I’m grasping with fingernails that have been chewed to the quick, attempting to do anything and everything I can to send you signs, to show you paths to take, to give you what you asked for. OK, I go a little bit overboard every once in awhile. You asked for water, I gave you a raging river; you ask for rocks and I give you mountains. OK, I overindulge for those who help me, but please, I don’t care if you look at ‘me’ as being the one that has allowed too much to happen, I don’t care if you feel that your voice can’t be loud enough or important enough, but it WILL be if you all have ONE VOICE together. How many times have you been told to come together? How many times have you been told? Come together and say what?

Group: Gay-AH’-mah.

Gaiamma: Gay-AH’-mah. You see, that rattlesnake that was outside your door? I’m giving you a ‘warning’.

Guest: Wah-So!

Gaiamma: That is MY language! <grin> You were given that to communicate directly with ‘me’, which allowed me to be able to come to ‘you’.

Janisel: Now, what about the rattlesnake?

Gaiamma: It’s a sign. I was sending you a sign.

Janisel: Of transformation?

Gaiamma: Ahhh…that’s legend, that’s lore. The sign is, if you come outside, the sun is too hot and it will do damage to your body. At least THAT day it was. And then what did you do? You went out anyway. <grin>

Janisel: The snake that we had the firemen come get…that rattlesnake?

Gaiamma: Uh-huh. If you find them on the doorway, it is a sign…STAY INSIDE! <laughing>

Janisel: The other one that was outside the door wasn’t a rattlesnake, was it? Was it a sign, too?

Gaiamma: Yes…to stay inside! <chuckle> If it’s at the door, stay inside!

Guest: What about spiders? There are spiders and webs everywhere.

Gaiamma: They are attracted by your Light. They always have been. The ‘Lighter’ your being, the more you will draw them, and when you have a lot, pat yourself on the back…you are doing well. <laughing>

Janisel: And scorpions? They seem to gravitate to right outside my bedroom door.

Gaiamma: Ahhh…they, too, are drawn by the Light.

Guest: Then we’re really doing well, too! <laughing>

Janisel: You do realize they ascend when we find them in here.

Gaiamma: That is your prerogative, as long as you do it with respect. And I have listened…even the lowliest fly…”Ascend!” You’re blessing them with the best death-wish they could ever have. It is a prayer that you give to them.

Spread the word. Thank you.

Guest: Thank you. Come again.

Gaiamma: I do not think that will be possible. We will have to see what happens. And I know that some will read this and think it’s horrid that I come in and talk to you right after what has happened, but that’s OK. Sometimes Truth is a very bitter pill to swallow. And when some things are happening, some of which you know nothing at all about, it is being done for preservation. And, please, I beg of you, if you’re going to say prayers for a hurricane or a tornado or an earthquake or a tidal wave, pray for those that have to suffer the inconvenience of it. Please do not feel like you have a right to change the course, the intensity, or the direction. PLEASE, PLEASE bear in mind…it’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature. <grin> Next time she might make sure that you’re in the next area.

Janisel: We’ve even been told by Metatron…

Gaiamma: A very good friend of mine. <grin>

Janisel: Don’t try to change it.

Gaiamma: Exactly!

Janisel: That the storm knows exactly where it’s supposed to go.

Gaiamma: The storm is guided by ‘me’. And trust me when I say, I am far more intelligent than humans. Now, you may call that ‘ego’, but please say that it’s a planetary-sized ego. <grin>

Janisel: It might be ego, but it’s truth.

Guest: Is a faction called HAARP trying to influence what ‘you’ do?

Gaiamma: And soon to be 6.

Janisel: They’re putting in another facility? Where is it to be?

Gaiamma: Brazil, up in the mountains. Nobody knows about it.

Group: We do, now.

Gaiamma: Oh, wait until you try to explain to them how you knew. <grin> “Oh, excuse me, I was talking to Earth, and she told me all about it”. The sixth one will be up and working within the next…before the snow falls.

Guest: How much damage are they doing?

Gaiamma: OK…now, let’s be very, very ambiguous here, shall we? Do you remember my little saying that I just said? [It’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature] Trust me, the reason they keep building them is they’re trying to find a place where I can’t strike back first. Because storms, earthquakes, tsunami’s…they’re MINE, and NO one tells THIS one how to play the game.

Guest: Another ‘brassy broad’…I love it!

Gaiamma: You see, they serve a purpose, and that purpose is not the menial war apparitions of humans…period. And every time another one [HAARP facility] kicks on, things really start to get exciting because I love a good game. <grin> Did that answer your question? You see, when they start sending blizzards to places that there shouldn’t be blizzards, then all of a sudden they have 100 degree weather where the hottest it’s supposed to get is 60 degrees F. <grin> And then they have to replace all those parts from all those little earthquakes that keep breaking up the patterns that are required. So, you see, I can have fun, too, and what I consider fun is wrecking havoc with destructive mechanisms. It’s like a good night’s bowling. <grin> Playing for the team. <grin> It’s just like those little men that wear lightning rods in their shoes and hold lightning rods in the air, daring me. I love giving them a shocking experience. <grin> Because every one of them that says “It will never happen to me!” gets it. So if you know a golfer, please tell them to never say “It’ll never happen to me” because I take that as a personal dare. But I have no ‘wrath’, except for the severely stupid, and I can take no human life unless their Contract is up and they’ve been put there ‘because’ it’s going to happen. But, trust me, I teach wonderful lessons, and it’s the lessons you’re not soon to forget because I DO demand respect. You can hate me, you can love me…but you MUST respect me because I keep you alive, and you’re living because ‘I’ am alive. And if you kill me you’re committing suicide, it’s that simple. Think they’ll understand THAT one? [yes] Good. I do not like to make a spectacle of myself, and I apologize profusely for coming in shortly after me having to readjust, but please do not judge ‘me’ for what ‘you’ have chosen to remain stupid over. When something like that hits, it’s because there’s something worse that was there and it needed to be cleaned. That’s all you need to know. Whether you trust it or not is completely up to you, but you MUST understand…the last whale dies, so does the solar system.

Guest: [inaudible]

Gaiamma: We’ll make it bigger. Think they’ll pay attention when we make it bigger. [to guest who is leaving] Enjoy yourself, because that’s what you need to do is learn how to have fun. Enjoy. When you give ‘me’ joy, I pay out with huge rewards. Just ask specific farmers that grow tomatoes about that big [over 12” in diameter]. I guarantee you they get that big not because of chemicals, they get that large because I’m showing how much I’m loved; and there’s this one gentlemen in the state of Kansas that tells me jokes every day. <grin> And when he tells me jokes, I give the rest of the world the biggest joke…he comes out with tomatoes the size of pumpkins, and no one can understand why that happens just on his property.

Janisel: Does he know?

Gaiamma: Probably not. He just keeps telling me the jokes and laughing and talking to me because he keeps getting big tomatoes. <laughing> So then, therefore, he laughs with me, he jokes for me, he loves me, and his tomatoes remain the biggest tomatoes in the entire state.

Guest: We could have a whole load of Findhorn’s.

Gaiamma: Why not? It only takes one person with the idea to start the community that will agree. It is that simple.

I must go. [to guest who is leaving] Call me…anytime.

Guest: Thank you, and thank you for coming.

Gaiamma: Walk barefoot and I will tickle your feet. <grin>

Janisel: Just keep the scorpions out of the way, please.

Gaiamma: Fear will magnetize. Walk barefoot and they will not be there as long as you are in joy.

Guests: Thank you.

[End of transmission.]


NOTE: If you will help with the distribution of the crystals we have been gifted with from the Space Brotherhood and Angelics to clean the air and water, please join the group effort at [http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Rainbowcross]. This will be our 'think-tank' and base of operations for planning the most effective way, in addition to the crystals, to help our Earth Mother through becoming `One Voice'.




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