Allowing - Part 1

Members of the Heavenly Hosts Channeled Through Janisel


Throughout the past several years in your Earth time, the coined phrase 'allow' has slipped very predominantly into the vocabulary and consciousness of those you would term Lightworkers. However, the true and higher definition of what we mean by 'allow' has yet to be firmly anchored within your human understanding. With your permission, and in an effort to expand your awareness, we would now attempt a simpler, easier to understand explanation of what 'being in allowance' actually means for you.

In human terms, when you think of 'allowing' something, it might mean to you that, although you let or 'allow' something to occur, it in no way indicates your 'acceptance' of it, nor does it mean that you 'condone' it… 'it' being whatever situation or circumstance you find yourself or your loved ones to be in on your earthly plane. In simpler terms, it might mean that you will 'go along with it', but you don't believe in it, trust in it, or 'expect' it to turn out the way you might like. It is, in essence, a grudging cooperation with something with which you don't agree. In doing so, you merely 'hope' for the best, yes?

Now, let us explain to you the true meaning of the essence of 'allowing'. In your third-dimensional existence on your planet, the majority of your population live their day-to-day lives in a state of fear, albeit sometimes subconscious fears… fears of every conceivable sort. What these fears, however, bring to you is the feeling of needing to 'control' what happens in not only your own life but in the life of your family, your friends, your neighbors, and yes, your government. And why? Because you fear the unknown. It I much safer in your way of thinking, is it not, to control the outcome of a situation so there are no 'surprises' or no chance of venturing into the unknown? We tell you now that, because of your veils and restricted view of what might be termed 'the bigger picture', you are not, for the most part, in a position to make the best and highest choices for yourself or those we have mentioned. This leaning process you are in on Earth is, in part, to evolve mankind to the point of being able to make these highest and best choices. In the meantime, however, what is the wisest course of action? The answer is simple: surrender to Divine Will. By recognizing that the Divine Will of Creator will always be the highest and best choice, then does it not stand to reason that the Creator should be in charge of the outcome of a situation?

When we speak of 'allowing', we are speaking of your surrender to Divine Will. This does not mean, as we have said, grudgingly throwing you hands up in the air with a 'hopeless' cry of surrender, nor does it mean playing the role of victim and saying, "OK, God, take it!" simply because you feel your freewill choice has no other recourse. Your freewill choice is ever abiding and always with you. But, in realizing that the Creator can and does create the highest and best outcomes, would it not be the wisest course of action to surrender your freewill, your concerns, and your need to control, knowing that it will produce the highest and best outcome for everyone involved? To 'allow' is to KNOW that Divine Will is in operation and will bring you the greatest path to joy and bliss.

And how, you might ask, does one surrender to Divine Will and simply allow? The answer to that is to 'disassociate' yourself from all expectation of a perceived outcome. Or, to be more direct, get yourself, your wants and wishes, out of the way. Let us say, as an example, that many of you are experiencing what you perceive to be 'lack'… lack in the love you receive, lack in your financial situation, lack in your ability to manifest those things you want in life… lack of any sort. Can you disassociate yourself from these feelings? Could you not, instead, step back out of yourself and your situation, and simply acknowledge that Divine Will is being done in and through you, and that there is a Higher Purpose to what you are experiencing? To step back, to disassociate yourself from what you perceive as your lack, is truly the first step toward surrendering and allowing Divine Will to operate in your life. It is not done as a 'last resort' nor is it done within the negative emotions of anger or hostility. It is done with an open heart, a knowing that, no matter how bad you perceive a situation to be, there is a Divine Purpose behind it that you cannot, as yet, fathom.

If we may, we are going to use this one that we are coming through as an example… although it is her freewill choice as to whether or not she will share it. LOL Let us say that it is only one week left until your rent or mortgage payment on your dwelling is due. You check your bank balance to find that you have a mere $80.00 in your account. Now, the rent is MUCH more than that, and you see no way you can manifest the needed funds before the due date. What is your first reaction to this situation? Do you fall into self-pity, blame your Guides and Master Teachers, curse the Heavens? Or do you step outside yourself to see the bigger picture… knowing that, even though YOU cannot see a favorable outcome to the situation, Divine Will is in operation and bringing all outcomes to their highest and best solution? Can you willingly and gratefully trust the Creator, then allow what will be to be, believing that WHATEVER the outcome is, it will bring you into ultimate joy?

There is so much transpiring on and around your world, our beloved light ones… more than what you can possibly conceive of. And even while you would struggle to remain in control of the events in your lives, there is a wonderful Divine Plan working in and through you and the chaotic appearances in your world. Let it go. Just let it all go and leave the outcomes to Creator. For we assure you, that you are ALL Divinely protected, the Plan is Divinely orchestrated, and each of you is headed for a more joyous and blissful outcome than you could ever imagine… IF you will 'allow' it to be so. Amen.



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