Allowing - Part 2

Members of the Heavenly Hosts Channeled Through Janisel


We would like to take this opportunity to provide a further discourse on the topic of 'allowing', for this is one of man's biggest challenges at this point in his evolution. Let us begin with a question, shall we? With regard to stepping outside of yourself to obtain a broader perspective of your perceived ill-fortune, could you not see yourself as a kind of explorer… an explorer willing, ready, and able to step into the void of the unknown? Could you not, just for a moment, surrender your freewill and your attempts to control the outcome of situations in favor of seeing what the Creator has in store for you? You are familiar with the phrase, we are sure, 'let go and let God'. In essence, this is what you are doing when you surrender to Divine Will. You are taking that step… maybe just out of curiosity… into the unknown, going, perhaps, where you have never gone before and experiencing things you have never experienced before. Such is the life of a starseed. <chuckle>

Are you in fear of being 'homeless' due to lack of monetary funds? Are you in fear of your spouse leaving you and you suddenly finding yourself 'on your own' with no means of support? Perhaps you have never before, in this existence, been homeless or alone and perceive it to be what you term 'the end of the world' as you know it. This may be true,, but are you in expectation of what those circumstances would mean to you? Do you see yourself in either of those situations, perhaps walking the streets, cold, hungry, and with no place to sleep? Is this your fear? Perhaps, from a different perspective, it would mean a sense of freedom that you have never before experienced. Perhaps it would bring the realization into your consciousness that you are, and never could be, 'homeless' or 'alone', for this, your Earth, is not your true home and you are, as you have come to see, never alone.

We come before you this day to challenge you to be the explorers that each of you, at the core level of your Soul, truly are. Were it not so, you would not have spent eons of time incarnating on one planet and then another to anchor your Light for the evolution of these planets. We would tell you, 'Go for it!' Step into that void of the unknown and meet with certainty and confidence the outcomes that your Creator has already planned for you for your highest good! For we also tell you that, no matter what the fear, no matter what the outcome, you are Divinely protected and dearly loved. Your joy does indeed await you, but many of you cannot begin to feel that joy because you are, shall we say, 'stuck' in your need to control what happens in your lives, rather than trusting in the All-Knowing and Divine Wisdom of the Creator. It is such the easier way to do so, to just let go and experience all that comes your way. Now, does this mean you simply sit back, with no feeling of responsibility of yourself, and depend on others to do it for you? Indeed not! You are responsible for your own creations, your own freewill choices, and the intents you have set. But after having taken responsibility for those, you then need only to let go of the outcome, trust the Creator for your highest good, and 'allow' all good, all lessons, all experiences, all joy, to flow in and to you. We cannot say it more simply than that, dear ones. It is 'allowing', it is 'trusting', it is 'letting go and letting God'… it is pure joy. We now take our leave. Adonai.


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