Fair Energy Exchange

Ashtar Channeled Through Debbie Wright


(Editor's Note: Below is an excerpt from a channeling with Ashtar on 8-18-99 which he asked be posted to this website. The 'A', naturally is for Ashtar. The 'R' is for Rosie... the name by which Ashtar calls Janisel)


A: This one puts it very aptly... Physics 101 in 3D. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. It can only be manipulated. This is something many learn in school. We are going to take it several steps further. What they do not teach in school...here...ALL is of the Creator. All has, at one time, been One. When, shall we call it the Grand Experiment, first began....maybe we should refer to it as the Grandest of Experiments... energy was released from the Creator. This energy manifested itself into various different forms, and over the thousands upon thousands upon thousands of eons since this happening, it seems as though much has been lost in the translation. Here.... we will now clarify. Everything that there is, everything that can be conceived of is Light. This Light is that energy that was once a part of the Creator. This Light can also be referred to as energy. Some prefer to use the term Love instead of Light. Since the Creator is nothing but Love, this is true. Also, since the Creator is nothing more than Light, this is also true. 'Tis the same. In this circumstance, we are going to give an example. When the form that you are in was "birthed" into a new being, the energy that it took to create this form, and that this form is contained of, is a certain amount of energy. At the time a new form, on this dimension, goes through what is referred to here as "childhood", these children are give much, much love, and much attention. It is energy that is gifted to them by their parents, by their families, by their peers. This energy can be...shall we call it.. "stockpiled"? And these children themselves give out energy in the form of hugs, in the form of kisses, sometimes in the form of picking a beautiful flower to give to mother, to a cute child down the street, or it can be given to the thought-transference that that child gives to an ant when that child can lay on his belly on the ground and watch the industrious ant do his work. However, in those cases, these children still seem to have a stockpile of this energy. This can be proven by the activity level of some of these children. They feel the over-abundance of the energy, at times, that they carry with them. They feel they need to release it, so they allow their bodies to "run rampant", would be a good way of putting it perhaps. Now, as this child grows older ... some call them "teenagers" ... it starts somewhat earlier than that, but by the time you call them teenagers, it has become almost a daily occurrence. This teenager is giving out so much energy through associations that sometimes they end of giving not just of their reserve energy, but also of their own energy. (* This does not go on the tape. We have to excuse me, one of the eyes is burning tremendously for some reason. So, it's not that I'm winking at you, it's that the eye is going through something. So now we shall go back to the typing). These teenagers feel connections to people so deeply that they give up their energy to boyfriends, girlfriends, friends, their learning, their teachers, their parents, their siblings, and sometimes, at times, they begin having jobs, and they give up the energies in carrying a job along with the energies of attending school, and the energies of just being a teenager. So, at times, these teenagers give so much of their energies and they are so wrapped up in themselves, that they do not freely accept the energies that are given back to them, such as from parents, from families, from siblings. These teenagers almost feel that energy that is offered to them as an hindrance, or an intrusion, and some of them are in what we would refer to as the rebellious stage, and they want to be alone and separated from those that would offer to give them back the energy that they require. This tends to cause them to be solitude at times, or to be more closely associated with those that freely give out their energy as they do, which is other teenagers. If there is a lack of balance in these (the teenagers), we would therefore say that they strive with a "lack of balance". Now, as this one grows older and becomes an adult and goes out on their own, they tend to give a lot of their energy to their work. However, by this time, society has "structures", that the amount of energy that one gives to their job that they get energy in return. This energy is called a "paycheck". This energy is called "benefits". This energy is a "like" energy, although some may not think it is a "like" energy. It is a requirement of energy in exchange. There have been times in this planet's history to where those ones were not getting that like amount of energy. And if one studies the history of those that gave energy, and gave energy, and did not receive it in return, those were the ones that simply died young. Essentially, they gave too much of their energy. Now, at this point in time in history, there was karma, where there were those that had to come in and go through that experience, so it all balanced out... over lifetimes. Things have changed now in this course and time in history. There are times that what some call the barter system works better for some than then energy that is given in return of a paycheck or money. But I will clarify now in no uncertain terms, especially in this country that you live in, money is an accepted form of energy. It is an energy that is accepted for energy given. There are times when you will feel that someone is charging more money energy for what their services are than what YOU feel are warranted. This is a part of the following of your heart, and the learning of discernment. You follow in your own heart if that is for you.. that particular service, by if you feel that person is charging you more energy than you feel that they are giving you. I could give you a multitude of examples, but all who read this will know precisely what it is that I am talking of.

Let us use one example to show a balanced type of energy exchange. When one purchases a brand new vehicle, some think it is an outrageous amount of money...and for some of these vehicles it IS an outrageous sum of money. However, we will deal with vehicles made within this country for this example. It did not take ONE person to make that vehicle, it took hundreds to make that vehicle.... from the design to the finished product, a multitude of people put their energy into that vehicle. So, therefore, each and everyone of those multitudes of people that produced that vehicle, by Universal Law, require a fair energy exchange from you, the perspective new owner of that vehicle. Does this makes sense to you?

Now, let's say that you have a tree that is dead in your yard, and this tree has become a hindrance to your home. So, therefore, the tree has to be cut down. You may not feel that you are capable enough to cut this tree down. So you find someone to come and cut down your tree. Now, this person may use some sort of 'automation' to be able to make the job quicker. This person, on the other hand, may just use an ax. Now, in your mind, do you feel that the person that uses the mechanical means to bring down your tree deserves less money (energy exchange) than the one that uses the ax?

R: The one that uses the ax expends more energy.

A: Yes, the one using the ax does use more energy, and it was his CHOICE to use the ax. The one that used the ax does not have to worry about exchanging energy with the one that made the machine that took the tree down, all of those that were involved in making the machine that took the tree down, or the gasoline to run the machine that took the tree down. All that one has to worry about is compensating energy for the one that made his ax. There are those that are going to feel like this is an unfair example. This is for them to search their hearts truly. And this is not, by any means, the set example. Let's say that the one that uses the machine to take down the tree was "given" the machine. There is no one to reimburse his way for energy. Let's say the one that took the tree down with the ax took it down so that he could take down the tree with love, out of respect for the tree. These are times and circumstances that you go within your own heart to find out who deserved more of a fair energy exchange, depending on the circumstances. Yes?

Now.. you go to the grocery store. You wish to buy dinner. The grocery store tells you exactly what they need as a fair energy exchange for your dinner. Now, you go to a restaurant and you order the same dinner. There is another fair energy exchange to that dinner. Is it the same? Does it cost the same? You have to take into consideration WHY the pricing of the energy exchange is different. You have the cook preparing it, you have those that assist the cook in preparing it, you have the one who brings it to you and clears up your mess afterwards, you have the restaurant itself that makes itself available to you, that you give them also a fair energy exchange. So, therefore, those that are questioning 'money' as the energy exchange are not taking into account the background why the money is allowed as a fair energy exchange. So.... we will point this out. Please forgive me if I step on yours or Debbie's toes. However, this, too, I want written so that they may understand. This is an office. It is producing these classes. It is producing the information. It is offering the services. It is offering the supplies. This is an office. This office has to pay for itself. This office has to pay for its work and its workers. If this office cannot support itself, it will no longer be there. Now...when it comes to purchasing a magnet, for instance, there is a lot of energy that goes into that magnet. I know this one (Debbie) feels that her time is very expensive per hour, which is good that she has that idea of herself. However, those that are purchasing these magnets do not understand that they are made by this one...that thinks highly of her time. For all they know, it is someone else that makes the magnets. So now we are explaining that ALL of the products that are available through this Ship's Store are made in this office, with the exception of the things Soltec has to offer on this site, and the prints of "The Guardians". This too, however, has to be manipulated by those in this office. There is time and there is energy that is put even into those items. So therefore, all of the people that are reading this now can rest assured in the fact that this is energy that is coming in to replace the massive amounts of energy that Ashtar's Trinity puts out on a daily basis. This is what I, Ashtar, have to say on the subject. This is Ashtar....THIRD member of Ashtar's Trinity!

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