NOW - The Feel of 'Home'

Sananda Channeled Through Janisel


You might say that I have come just to offer hope. It will not be long. Many of you have grown weary of the climb, weary of the struggle. But, you see, it need not be a struggle. Living in the NOW… not remembering or regretting the past, and not looking to or anticipating the future… that is what ends the struggle. For in the NOW there is no struggle… it simply IS. And all you need do is BE. It is here, in the NOW, that you are truly already Home. It is in the NOW where you find and feel your connection to All That Is, to your Source. All of you are striving toward some 'goal' you have set for yourself and others in the tomorrow that you can't even see… striving to reach that Home that you can barely remember, and some of you not at all. There need be no striving to reach Home… there need only to BE. When you are in that state, that perfect state of just allowing the current moment, the NOW, to BE, then you ARE Home. You ARE resting in the loving arms of the Creator. You do not have to 'go' somewhere else. You are already there. It is in moments like these that you stop, take pause, and just breathe. Breathe in the Life of the Creator and connect to that Oneness you have with Him. It is in that moment that you realize that the past is gone, and was an illusion anyway. And the future… well, the future you are already in… right there in that moment. You have no other future than this unless you co-create one. Now, don't get me wrong. You ARE here to do a job, a mission, so you DO need your tomorrow's to accomplish this. But in that one NOW moment, you are in the place of creation, the place of co-creating with Source exactly what kind of tomorrow you will have. But before creating your tomorrow, just relax and breathe in the NOW moment. Feel the Oneness with your Creator… feel Home.



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