Getting God's Attention

Sananda Channeled Through Janisel


You have all tried for so very long and so very hard to 'get the attention of God', have you not? Know ye not that you already have His full, undivided attention? How could you not have, for he is the very breath that you take. Look no more, my Children, for He is not 'outside' you for you to find and then beg for His attention. You need not voice a prayer of "God, are you there?" "Are You hearing me?" "God, please come closer to me!" "What can I do to 'feel' your Presence?" The answer… just breathe. Your God cannot get any 'closer' than he already is, for He is within you… always. How can you feel His Presence more distinctly? Breathe. Breathe. And then breathe some more. Feel the in-breath, feel the out-breath. THAT is God within you, connected to you, loving you, nurturing you and your body. Does He hear you? But of course! How could anyone that close to you not hear you? The question is… do you hear Him? To decipher the answer to that question, one needs to discern exactly what it is that they are listening FOR, yes? What, dear ones, are you hoping to hear? Have you asked of God a question from your own heart, or are you simply hoping to 'hear' God say to you, "Here… here I AM, right here inside you!"? Know ye not that God's voice is 'small' and that he speaks in every imaginable way? His voice is as the sound of the wind blowing through the trees, the sound of the owl as he makes his nightly call, the sound of the flutter of a butterfly's wings as it glides through the air. It is also that intuitive knowingness inside of you, that still small voice that you, as a whole, have not yet learned to trust as being the voice of your Creator. It is now the time to trust that inner-voice, as God is whispering to each and every one of you as His time of Glory swiftly approaches. Begin with just listening to the breath as it flows in and out of your body. Hear that sound? That is God, your Creator, flowing in and out of your body. That is your connection to Source. Now, how badly do you want to feel that connection? 'Very badly', you say. Then put it off no longer. Go into your secret closet, there within the Throne Room of your Heart, listen to your breath and know that you are communing with the All That Is. It is that simple. Make this a 'conscious' connection, not just a random event. Be mindful of your breath as you go about your daily routine… the in, the out, the Divine flow of Light running through your body. Be in the NOW with the Holy Breath… and see, feel Heaven NOW. There is no need to wait for some distant or not-so-distant 'event', whether that event be called ascension, enlightenment, or whatever term man chooses to use. It is not in the 'future'… it is NOW. And I, Sananda, am with you in every NOW moment. Adonai.


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