Grace Channeled Through Janisel


Blessed Children of All That Is, I am overjoyed to be able to bring to you your new meditation. By way of introduction, I AM Grace, the one so often spoken of in word and song… Amazing Grace and, now, Divine Grace. I, Grace, am the Blue Light associated with the Sword of Michael. I, Grace, am the Truth which issues forth from the mouth of Michael. I, Grace, am the Light of Protection which surrounds you at your request. It is the Creator's pleasure and Divine Will that I come to you at this time. Yes, I have always been, but the time has now come for the total knowledge and magnificence of Grace to be made known in your world. For it is through Grace that the Divine Plan is coming to fruition, it is through Grace that joy shall fill the hearts of man, it is through Grace that your Earth shall be healed, for your Creator does not wish for the suffering and sorrow upon your world to continue. He is, therefore, out of His great love for His Creation, sending Abounding Grace, Abundant Grace, to overfill and overshadow all sentient lifeforms on this planet. For eons Mankind has inhabited this planet, co-existing with and being supported by another sentient Being, Earth. The planet and the peoples have descended into a density never before known in Creation. The Creator, in Her <grin> Infinite Wisdom and Love, has deemed this descent to be at its end. It is time to put an end to this Game and begin the journey back to Source. This shall not be an arduous journey, for I, Grace, shall abound. As one of your songs, I believe, says, Grace shall lead you Home. And, as is the Creator's good pleasure, Grace shall also heal the Earth and lead her to her rightful inheritance. Your brother Ashtar has already spoken to you of the 'cocooning' of your planet for the purpose of her healing. It is I, Grace, who shall be this cocoon. And it is I, Grace, who through the Creator's love for His Creation, shall bring forth this healing. Ah, but does this mean, Beloved Children, that all your efforts are to cease? Nay… but your efforts shall now produce more fruit, through Grace, and bring a joy to your heart that you have never before known. And your efforts, too, shall assist me in the task which is before me… which brings us to the subject of your next meditation.

It is through the Creator's Love that this Divine Dispensation of Grace is to spread throughout your world, encompassing every lifeform and bringing joy to the hearts of every man, woman and child. As a means for this foundation to begin, we shall be dispersing this Grace through the grids which surround your planet.

This 'Grid of Grace', as we shall term it, which you have now constructed, shall provide the framework for our healing work that is to come and for the 'Blanket of Grace' which the Creator shall so graciously spread upon the Table for the coming Feast.

It has been my great joy to connect with you in this way. Our work together has only just begun, for as One you shall not only receive but also spread my Divine Energies of Grace throughout, and to, your world. Hear me, Beloved Children. There is no condemnation, no judgment, no karma. There is only the Unconditional Love of the Creator for His Creation. Invoke me, Children of Light, into your life and I shall come, bringing with me the Grace which is the Creator's Plan for his Creation. My Peace and my Joy I leave with you.


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