Judging Others

Ashtar Channeled Through Janisel


Ashtar: Do you believe that, if a person is able to perform miracles, they are more powerful than others?

Janisel: No… the miracles would be the power of God working through them, not they, themselves. Like the person is a hollow tube and stays open for God's power to pour through that tube.

Ashtar: Exactly. It is not they who do the work, but the Creator which pours through them. One 'hollow tube', as you termed it, is no different than any other hollow tube. Each is the expression of God and each is made of the same 'stuff' as any other of the tubes. All are equal. Not one is any different than the other. We will use the analogy of the hand and fingers, yes? You have upon your human hands five fingers, yes? Each of those fingers is an expression, or extension, of the hand and all help make up the 'whole' of the hand. In your human perspective, you perceive that your fingers are unequal in, let us say, their muscular strength. In other words, you may look at one or more of your fingers as being 'stronger' than the others. You have certainly given more power to one in particular. There is within your societies, I believe, a gesture made with your middle finger which is recognized planet-wide, is there not? You have given great power to that one finger, as it seems to have the ability to insult and injure those at whom it is directed. <grin> Great power, indeed! You perceive, also, your smallest finger… the 'pinky' I believe you call it… as being the 'weakest' of your fingers in physical strength, do you not? Much weaker, say, than your thumb? While the size of these muscles in your fingers do vary, do you realize that it is possible to consciously and deliberately develop the muscle in your 'pinky' finger to be equally as strong as the muscle in your thumb? This pertains also to exercising 'spiritual muscles'. Each and every being… that 'hollow tube' that is made of the same 'stuff' as the other 'hollow tubes'… by exercising their spiritual muscles, can become just as open to receiving God-power pouring them as any other 'hollow tube'.

And so it is with the 'fingers', or expressions, of God that we call mankind. Some beings are perceived as very powerful, holding ego high in the air and offering insult to all, such as your middle finger. Some beings are considered 'weak', having not much of what you term 'backbone', but used much like your 'pinky' finger to aid and accommodate actions by one or more of the other fingers. And some beings are strong enough to capture and direct the attention of others to a desired destination, such as is done with your 'index' finger. Now, if you perceive what you term your 'ring' finger as having not much strength and used simply for adornment, would you cut it from your hand? Of course not. As the fingers are the extensions of the hands, and we are the extensions of the Creator, does this same principal not also extend to how your perceive your brothers and sisters? I am not speaking here of those you call your 'brothers and sisters' within an awakened state of Enlightenment, I am speaking of ALL of humanity, of whatever ilk. You judge someone because he is not of the same skin color as you, you judge another because he is not of the same religion or spiritual beliefs as you, you judge others because of their physical body type or structure, their textbook knowledge, their financial status, and it goes on and on, does it not?

When you cross paths with that one which you judge to be weak, unenlightened, here on this planet for nothing more than 'adornment', will you shun that person, cut them out of your life, and judge them to be unworthy of your energy? When you cross paths with one who haughtily scorns, ridicules or insults you, do you take this into your own Being as Truth, letting it crush your Spirit? Or do you realize that this same power which they exert over you is nothing more than the same power which is in you, only being used in a different manner? Likewise, when you cross paths with one who would point you in the direction of what they perceive to be Truth, do you immediately follow their lead without question, or have you exercised your spiritual muscle of discernment enough to realize that that which is within your own Being is your own Truth and Path, and it is not needed that another point the way for you?

Judge none of your fellow travelers on this Earth journey, for they are each but an expression of God, fulfilling the role of one of the fingers. That is all. Nothing more, nothing less. And each finger, each role of each human, is needed for a reason… to bring balance to the entire hand. Thank those whom you perceive as being 'insulting', 'overbearing', or 'manipulating'. Even though you might see this as having power over you, they are mirroring to you the power which is contained within YOU also. Your job is to bring that power forth from within yourself and express it in a more 'positive' light. They are, in essence, expressing on your plane of existence and in this Game, to aid you in the strengthening of your own spiritual muscles and empowerment, and to balance out the whole hand… the Hand of God within which each and everyone of you is held most tenderly and lovingly by our Creator. Peace be with you always. I AM Ashtar.


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