Letting Your Light Shine

Sananda Channeled Through Janisel


This one that I speak through today read something that was sent to her recently that I would like to expand on just a bit. What was read by this one was the words to one of your religious hymns which says, "This little Light of mine, I'm going to let it shine". Many have taken this to mean that through their 'words' or 'deeds' they will show forth to others the Love and the Light that is God. While this is certainly so, I would like to broaden your concept of what 'letting your Light shine' can and does encompass. For there are many who feel awkwardness in speaking to others of so-called 'spiritual' matters, and therefore feel that a portion of their Light is being 'hid under a barrel', so to speak. Others are frail of body, or otherwise disabled from 'doing unto others' through deeds of loving kindness, and they, too, sometimes feel as if they are unable to spread their Light to these others.

I tell you, my friends, there is more than one was to skin a cat… or so I have heard many of you say. Each of you knows of the Light that is within you. You know of the chakras and the beautiful emanations from God which connect with you at these points. They shine round about you, and in you, and you know them as part of your aura, your Soul. Whether one is capable of 'speaking' or 'doing good deeds' for others or not, as a means of 'letting their Light shine', the Light that you are and that surrounds you can ALWAYS be directed outward to other people, places or events through your conscious intent to do so. And, truly, your own Light will shine brighter as you do this.

There is a need, of course, to do what I term 'spiritual maintenance' on your lower bodies in order to insure your Light be as bright and far-reaching as it can be. By this, I am referring to such exercises or practices which keep your chakras open and properly functioning, your emotional and mental bodies in balance, and your vibrations as high as possible through such mediums as music, prayer/meditation and, very importantly, laughter. For all of this, indeed, strengthens and brightens the Light within your total Being.

Therefore, I have come to encourage you to purposefully begin this type of practice. As you go about your day, and certain ones or certain circumstances come to your mind, mentally or verbally state your intent to send them your Light. See you own Light expanding outward, encompassing and embracing that one or that event. In this way you are truly 'letting your Light shine' forth to others, bringing love, harmony and healing.

I AM Sananda, extending to you my own Energies, and embracing each one of you in Love and in Light.