A Message from SOURCE for All

SOURCE Channeled Through Janisel


Your ascension is your own internal process. What is going on in your world right now is in illusion, remember? Forget everything and everyone in this illusion. Concentrate only on your own Heart Center and coming Home to me. That is all that is truly important now. Stay in touch with Me. I will guide you all the way, and I will not let you face more than you can endure. My love is always with you, and that is all you really need to sustain you. Let the past fall behind. It's over. Move on into communion with me. Stay in the NOW and know that in that NOW moment you are Home. It has been nothing more than a "bad dream".... but you are awake now and it is time to begin stepping into the Dawn of a New Day. You are surrounded by many who are waiting to begin a new and marvelous work with you. Let it begin now. Remember.... you are creating in every moment, so do not dwell in the past and create only more heartache for yourself. Create only in this moment what you would like to manifest in the next moment. As you now truly understand, manifestation is taking place very rapidly, so choose carefully what you desire to create.... be it abilities, a pure and forgiving Heart, , or a deeper attunement to your true Home....whatever. You will bring into your life that which you truly desire. I am closer than your very breath, I hear every beat of your heart, and I am leading you steadily in My Love to heights you have not yet dared to dream. You are my precious child in whom I am well pleased. Open your arms to me and I shall fulfill your every need. Go through each day knowing I walk beside you, behind you, in front of you. You are in me... I in you. We cannot be apart for we are One and I will never fail you. Tend only to the mission at hand, allowing all in the world of illusion to pass by you, holding nothing back from it, eyes firmly fixed on your goal, and your feet on the path.


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