A New Holy Trinity


Below is a channeling through Janisel bearing the new meditation for the trinities within Ashtar's Project: Eagle Triad. Wisdom asked, however, that her message below the meditation instructions be posted to our website, as it is a message for all.


Wisdom (Mother God)
To Begin Monday, November 22, 2004


I greet My Children this day and surround you in My Heavenly Light. I Am your Mother God, known to this one as 'Wisdom', although known by other names on other Paths. As you truthfully have been told, the Earth is also your Mother, but I AM your Original Mother, the Mother of not your body, as is the Earth, but, rather, the Mother of your Soul. You have also been truly told of the Holy Trinity, yes? ...being the Father Spirit, the Sonship Spirit, and the Holy or Feminine Spirit, although carrying perhaps different names within different spiritual beliefs. And, as participants in Lord Ashtar's project, most of you are also part of a trinity, yes? I have come to give to you, Our Eagles, something to meditate on and integrate into your Knowingness during your next week, and that is the concept of another Holy Trinity. The three points on this Trinity are the Godhead, your solar Sun, and the Earth. And, indeed, these three do create a Holy Trinity.

I desire that you meditate this coming week on being in the very center of that Holy Trinity, as you would see yourself standing in the center of a triangle.

Pull the energy of the Father God, represented by the Sun, into your Being as if absorbing the brilliant rays of the Sun into your body.

Then, pull the energies of the Mother God, represented by your beautiful Earth, up through your own physical body.

Lastly, call upon the energies of the Godhead to anchor within your entire Being, meeting there with the energies of your Sun and your planet. As these energies merge within you, it does indeed create a Most Holy Trinity…with your own Blessed Self as the Center of It. Feel our Oneness, feel our Love one for another. There is no separation. We are One and We are Whole. And I AM with each and every one of you at all times.

Call on me. I will surely Answer. For I/We surround you at all times. We reflect to you, in every moment, Who you Are. Look up to the heavens; we are there, showing you your Brightness through the Sun and the nightly stars. Look down and around, we are there in the Earth and the lifeforms around you, showing you both your weaknesses and your strengths. As you look into the eyes of another, can you not see Our Light, though seemingly hidden deep? Can you look into those eyes and acknowledge My Presence inside that one? Can you look upon a tree and see it as Me in one of My Forms of Expression? If so, then you can understand Oneness. It is a Knowing and an Acknowledgment that every lifeform you see, be it rock, tree, animals, humans, or your brothers and sisters from the stars, is not only your Mother/Father God in Expression, but also a reflection of YOU, for We are All the Same; we are One-ness refracted into its various parts. That is why it is said that when you behold another you are meeting yourself…a 'you' in another body or form. For this reason, look upon all you see as Holy, for truly it is. Do you now see why you must truly love those you deem as your enemies in order to fully love yourself AND your Self? Therefore, look upon all with Holy Vision. You must also now realize why it was said, "Judge not, lest ye be judged." For truly I say to you, when you judge another, you judge yourself AND your Self, for your brother or sister is not only Me in Expression, he/she is another form of YOU, yourself in expression. You/We are ONE.

You are surrounded by nothing more than reflections of yourself, much like in your 'Fun House of Mirrors'. Some of your reflections may seem distorted, out of shape with the way you think your body to be, perhaps too short, too tall, too thin, or too fat. But do you pronounce judgment upon yourself based on these distorted images? Of course not, for you know them to be not real. So why pronounce judgment on another, and thus on yourself, when all you are currently seeing is a distorted image based on an illusion. Can you look upon each of the illusions and say in your heart, "I acknowledge your Essence, my Father/Mother God, as well as my own reflection, in this being", and then love and respect your Selves for Who We Are?

Love ALL that you see and perceive, knowing that it is ALL simply an illusion; but that this entire illusion you call Earth life has been created by you, for you, to be a constant reflection and reminder to you of Who you TRULY are outside of the illusion. For it is All One, We are All One, and forever more shall it be.

Thank you, my Daughter, for letting me share through you my Words of Truth this day. I surround you always.


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