Staying Out of Fear

Sananda Channeled Through Janisel


Now, I would like to say a few words… well, maybe more than a 'few', you know how I sometimes digress… to my Eagles of Ashtar's Trinity and to all my other Eagles out there. Great changes are coming! Great and Marvelous changes! Yes, it is going to seem like an 'uphill climb' for a short while but the effort, I assure you, will be well worth it.

For the past few of your days, even weeks, new, higher and rarefied energies have been let loose within your planet from the Great Central Sun. These energies are going to produce in each individual, and have indeed already started, changes which might be construed by some as 'negative' in your third-dimensional constructs. In reality, energy just IS… it is 'neutral'. It is only your duality thinking which judges it to be either positive or negative… good or bad. Many events in your planet's history, more recently on Sept. 11th, have been judged by humankind to be of 'negative' energy when, in Truth, they were merely energies being used by the Creator of All to fulfill His/Her Divine Plan.

For this reason, although such events may or may not happen in your future, what we would like all the Eagles to realize is that the Creator is busy at work, bringing about the most perfect way for Light to totally penetrate the third-dimensional illusion of duality, the illusion of separation, and of good and evil. IF what the world would judge as negative events come to pass, we wish for all the Eagles to refrain from joining in this mass consciousness judgment, and to see, instead, the Hand of God at work for the Highest Good of all humanity. To do so, they must stay grounded within their Center, and realize that ALL that is happening is according to Divine Will. In distancing yourselves from the fears or sadness of others, you shall be much more effective in anchoring the Light.

This is not meant to instill fear of future 'possibilities' into anyone. It is, instead, to alert you to the feelings of JOY which can be within you when you recognize the Divine Will being played out in whatever way Creator decides. It can and will be the JOY of seeing all of your many dreams come true. What is coming into your reality now is exactly what you have been dreaming of and longing for… Heaven within the Hearts and Minds of all mankind. It is up to none but the Creator to choose how this is to be accomplished within His/Her Divine Will. Yours is but to stand back and watch, without judgment and without fear, the Loving Hand of the Father/Mother at work. For ALL that is happening is happening for a reason, yes? We have told you this many times before. And ALL that is happening is happening to bring about your total bliss and joy. But begin NOW, my brothers and sisters! Why wait for some 'future' event to bring this to you? BE NOW in your joy and your bliss. BE NOW in your Oneness with All. You, as enlightened beings, have the advantage, you see? Others of mankind, who have not yet awakened to their true nature, will have this joy and bliss incorporated into their own reality 'after', in your linear thinking, certain events occur and certain understandings take place. But YOU, you have the advantage, the blessing, of being able to be in this state of joy and bliss NOW. You do not have to 'buy into', as you call it, the core fears of the mass consciousness. YOU, more than the others, already understand what is transpiring in the scheme of things. So now is the time to stand in the knowing of Who you ARE, detaching from the third-dimensional thinking of humanity, standing apart, as it were, from the others and all their third-dimensional dramas. BE in your joy NOW. Be as your Creator, looking not at the 'outward' appearance, but seeing the Heart and Soul of any person or situation, judging not, but allowing ALL.

I, Sananda, as well as all your brother and sisters of the higher realms, surround you in our Light, ever enfolding each and every one of you in our Love. We are ALWAYS with you. Breathe us unto yourselves and we shall, through you, breathe out unto your world the Light which it so sorely needs. Adonai.


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