Sananda Channeled Through Janisel


My Dearly Beloved. It is indeed a joy and honor to connect with you again in this way. I have come to impart to you a short but important and timely message for all Lightworkers who should come to read or hear these words. It is on a subject which I have spoken to you about often.... that of TRUST. I am not simply referring to the element of Trust you feel in following what you perceive to be guidance from the Higher Realms. That is needed, as you are aware, in taking that "leap of faith" we have often spoken of. What I am referring to here is Trust in your SELF. Call it your Higher Self, call it your intuition, whatever you will. It is that inner knowing which comes from your Heart Center. Many feel that Trust comes easy when it is seen as coming from an "outside Source", but you must realize that the guidance you receive from your Heart Center is no different than that which you receive from myself, your Master Guides, or any of the Angels, etc. We are ONE. We are your SELF. It is now time for you to start trusting your SELF for your guidance. What are you feeling within? Are you doubting the validity of what you hear and feel? Listen! Listen to your SELF. It is still the One talking to you. ..still Source giving you guidance. Trust! Your Heart will never steer you wrong. We are with you in your Heart Center. We speak to you in a myriad of ways.... but you must trust what you are hearing and feeling. You may not "hear" our words, or "see" our messages to you in a direct way, but still it is we who are guiding is your SELF. Do you feel you don't know which way to turn or what course of action to follow simply because you think you have no "direct link" to us, or the ability to "channel"? Not so. Your SELF is your direct link. When you go to that quiet space within, and you "hear" or "feel" nothing but your own intuition, that is the time to TRUST. Trust what you feel. Trust your SELF....for it is but us coming to your in a way you can certainly perceive. The days are approaching when you must turn "within" for your answers. Not to the Spiritual Hierarchy, not to the Angels, or even a personal guru. The time has come to turn to your own SELF for the answers you see. Then TRUST those answers. Surrender to what YOU are feeling. We are with you always, and will guard your Heart vigilantly in our Love and Care. You will not go astray.... you will only go Home. My Love I leave with you. Adonai. Sananda


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