The 'Unawakened'

Sananda Channeled Through Janisel


Each individual on the face of your planet is fulfilling part of the Divine Plan… which includes those that have not, and will not… according to your perceptions… awaken. This is as it should be, and as a lesson and blessing to you who have. Each person, as an infinite spark of Source, has agreed to manifest on the Earth plane for a specific purpose. Without the Dark there would be no Light. Instead of standing in judgment of those you perceive as 'unawakened', send your thanks and gratitude to God that these people have been part of your life in order to bless you with the lessons and realizations you needed for your own awakening. For each of them, my dear ones, are not only absorbing your Light but are also caught within your Light, thereby demonstrating to you an end to polarity. So silently give thanks to these ones for furthering your own awakening, and stand not in judgment of them. For they have chosen to play a very hard role in this game you call Life, and rather than enjoy the bliss which comes from their own awakening they have, instead, agreed to provide you with the way and means of making your own Light shine brighter. They, too, are Lights of the Father… simply dimmed for this short lifetime in order to show to you how bright your own Light really is. Bless them and allow them this Service to Creator on your behalf. End your judgment, end your striving to change others. It is God who changes others… you are only to live the example in order to open them to the change. All is in Divine Order and as it should be. We surround ALL of you, awakened and unawakened alike, in our Love.

Your brother,



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