The Eagle Meditation

Ashtar Channeled Through Aryaan


Take a deep breath, breathing in the golden white Light that you are, that surrounds you, that energizes you, that IS you.

As you exhale, release any worries or tension in your body.

Breathe in deeply the Light of the Spirit. Feel it coming into the lungs, expanding the lungs.

As you exhale, see the Love that you are being exhaled to all of your Brothers and Sisters gathered here.

Feel the life force as it enters your being with each breath you take. Become aware of the energy in the place where you are at this moment.

Envision yourself surrounded by all that is Good and Holy and feel the energy fill your Heart Center and radiate outward in all directions.

Call on the integration of your Earth Personality with your GodSelf, your soul.

We now call on the assistance of the Seraphim, Elohim, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, our Blessed Sananda and Lord Ashtar.

As we sit together in this circle of love, we will make every attempt to be together in spirit throughout this meditation. It will be as if we, as a group, are flying towards the heavens.

As we begin this meditation, imagine yourself going out the front door of your house and walking down the street.

The sidewalk, the pathway, begins to change and we are now in a large, wooded area with very large trees and deep, mountainous cliffs.

We are together. Beside you are those in this room. You are all together.

Ahead of us is a large tree by a cliff. At the point where the cliff and the tree almost meet, you see a large nest.

The easiest way to get to this nest is by climbing the tree and reaching out to the nest, and we do this, one after the other.

As we look into the nest, we see that there are exactly the same number of eggs as those people in this room. As we look closely, we see that the eggs are hatching.

We listen to the sweet chirp of the baby eagles as the mother and the father eagle fly past in a non-threatening manner, but interested in what we are doing.

The baby eagles become fluffy and active as the eggshells drop from their bodies, and at this point each of you will choose a baby eagle and imagine that you are that baby.

Combine your consciousness with that small bird and imagine yourself, day by day, growing stronger and stronger and larger and larger, as you are looked after, very capably by your mother and your father eagle.

As you grow larger, the nest seems to become smaller, and one day, one of you is bumped out of the nest! Wonderful!! You can fly!

One by one, you all take to your wings and fly to a nearby tree. Now each day is very exciting because you are trying your wings and each day you practice. Each day is more exciting than the day before.

The time comes when you must leave the nest. You must say good-bye to your brother and sister eagles to be on your own, alone in a new adventure, but filled with love, the love of your family, the love of your mother, the love of your father.

You take to the air alone, knowing you will not return to your family, yet realizing that one day, one day there will somehow be a reunion.

Strong, with dark wings pounding the air, you fly. Up, up, beautiful! For a large bird, you are very graceful in the air.

You soar, far above the treetops, far above the cliffs, and you see a rainbow. It is so colorful! You can see the red, the orange, the yellow, the green, the blue, the indigo, and the violet.

As you soar towards the rainbow, it gets larger and larger in your vision until all you can see is color, and all you can feel is love.

Alone, in this adventure, you pass through the colors of the rainbow in your brilliant, dark eagle's feathers, and you emerge on the other side of the rainbow totally bathed in white.

You have been transformed. You have now activated your Light Body. You are totally white and you are transformed.

Fly. Fly with the wind. Free, easy. What a beautiful, beautiful body you have now!

Enjoy your flight and know that in the twinkling of an eye you can return to this wonderful feeling of light and love whenever you do the eagle meditation.

Now, with that beautiful experience remembered and with the transformation already occurring mentally, we will return to the awareness of the other members of this circle of light. Gently and lovingly, and in your own time, come back to the awareness of this room.

While you are still in your drowsy, meditative state, etherically join hands and form a circle of love which will end, as it did in the eagle's nest, in a group hug of much love, together as a family.

The love flows. Love abounds. Your light reaches to the heaven worlds. Your love activates your Light Body. Be at peace.


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