Earth Healing Meditation

By Ashtar


Instructions Prior to the Meditation:

Ashtar: Candles may be lighted as a symbol of the Light you are creating and connecting with.

Drink a full glass of water before the meditation starts to ensure the flow of the electrical energies throughout the body. The water acts as an electrical conduit for these energies.

Chocolate is very grounding. After the meditation, you might consider eating some kind of chocolate so as to ground the high spiritual energies which will have been generated during the meditation.

All of us from the space brotherhood, as well as the Masters and Light Beings from every corner of the Cosmos, will be joining with you, blending our energies of Love and Healing with yours.

The Meditation

Picture in the center of your gathering a column of Golden White Light coming from Heaven to Earth.

Now picture a beam of this same Light coming from the Heart Center of everyone here and connecting to the central column. All are now connected to each other.

As you are joined in this way, direct your group consciousness to transport itself to the Christ Consciousness Grid surrounding the Earth...

And there you will find not only our group... but millions upon millions of others who have come together with the One intent... of healing our Earth Mother and all our Brothers and Sisters living here at this time.

Holding hands in a circle atop the Grid, begin by picturing your beautiful planet surrounded by the Grid which, together, you have created during your meditations.

See its Divine Matrix of Golden-White Light, filled with the combination of the swirling Violet and Silver Rays.

As we are all now surrounded within the brilliant Golden-White Light of the Grid, picture a fine, soft rain of this same Golden Light gently falling to earth, penetrating through all layers of the Earth's crust... down to the very core of Mother Earth's Heart.

Now see this Golden core, this Heart of the Mother, enlarging, glowing brighter and brighter until this Light reaches the surface of the planet...

and beyond... into the atmosphere...

and back to the Grid itself. In this way, you have established a "loop", connecting the essence of Gaia to the Grid.

Continue to hold this visualization... the feeling of Unity among your brothers and sisters...

the gently falling Golden-White rain upon the Earth,

the brillance and expansion of the Mother's heart core ...

the return and attachment to the Grid of this auric field you have created.

Do this in Love. Feel the all-encompassing Love.

Experience the connection with the energies from the Grid until your spiritual body returns on its own.


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