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First, the two Earth-based Commanders of the Trinity…

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Janisel Amen-Ra Kumara Sh-Ar'-Na Rohs

Stories abound of people who "awakened" literally overnight..."downloaded" with information as to Who they are, their "origins", "mission", spiritual name, etc. My own awakening was not so easy. I am what many refer to as a "starseed", which explains my lifelong fascination with the night sky and the countless stars to which I felt a "connection". I am also a double walk-in, having undergone a soul-transfer in 1976 and then another one in 1992.

I always felt "different", like I didn't really belong here. There was always that impatience I felt at little things... like the "time" it took to drive from one place to another. I somehow knew there was a faster way (with wings perhaps?). Oh, how I longed to fly! Somewhere deep inside me I could remember the exhilaration of soaring, diving, or just "instantaneously" arriving at a destination by mere "thought". My remembrance of Who I am didn't start until my friend Eric Klein came out with The Crystal Stair. I hadn't 'consciously' heard of the Ashtar Command up until that point, but by the time I reached page three, I was crying uncontrollably.... and did so for two days as I read the entire book non-stop. Yes! Yes! Yes! Ashtar, Sananda, the Plan for Ascension! It rang all my bells, pushed all my buttons, and the memories started flooding back. I was, at long last, remembering "Home".

It was shortly after this that I awoke one morning realizing that I had just been onboard one of the Lightships, and Commander Soltec has confirmed to me that I was indeed one of the Ashtar Command who had been 'seeded' on Earth to help anchor the Light. Then and there I made the commitment in my Heart to follow my chosen path. After doing so, things began to move very quickly. I suddenly found myself going to and from the ships nightly, attending what they termed "Night Training". This consisted of such "re-fresher" courses as working with DNA, creating standing waves, hooking and unhooking merkaba, as well as interdimensional navigation. No wonder I was so tired each morning! It was at this time I was asked to be the List Moderator for the Ashtar Command List (email forum) on Spiritweb. This, in turn, led to my association with a wonderful channel and friend in Australia named Soltec (whose Higher Self is the Cmdr. Soltec with the A.C.).

On June 17, 1997 I was taken to the etheric realms to St. Germain's Violet Flame Room for my Spiritual Ascension Ceremony and the transmutation of all my remaining karma. I was fully conscious during the ceremony and would love to relay to others exactly what transpired, but the human language cannot express the joy, bliss and grandeur of such an event. But there is no need to... for each will experience it in their own time.

Awakening brings about many "choices" that have to be made... and not always easy ones if you try to adhere to following Spirit. I now find myself in Cottonwood, Arizona as part of Ashtar's Trinity and Sananda's Eagles. I have had to walk out (for a change!) on my entire 3D life as I knew it... family, friends, home, pets, etc. It was hard. It is still hard, but it is time to "walk the talk"... and to this end I am fully committed.

Blessings, In Oneness



My name is Debbie Wright. I met my first husband at the age of 19, had my only child, a daughter at the age of 20. I left her father in Texas three days after her first birthday and moved to Utah. While living in Salt Lake City, I met, moved in with, and later married my second husband. We separated in July of 1986. My neighbor was into metaphysics. She was the first person to introduce me to the teachings of people like Ernest Holmes and Edgar Cayce.

While on my first trip into a New Age bookstore, I was gifted a book on the Kabbalah by a total stranger. I had learned of the Kabbalah about five years before that while attending Jewish Conversion Classes. (I didn't convert) .... So after being given this book, I started studying the Kabbalah. The first time I intentionally worked the Tree of Life, I chose to run the Tree in a period of six months. Believe me when I tell you that to do this completely changes your life!

Six months later I didn't have a job, I had lost everything that my daughter and I owned, I lost two of our three dogs and three cats, was broke and found myself sitting on the floor of a new apartment with no furniture, no food in the fridge, a phone and my computer.

Anyway, I'm sitting on the floor praying to God. I explained to God that I felt that my initial awakening was complete, that I was ready to get on with what it was I was to be doing.... You see, I turned it all over.

Within the hour my daughter called me and told me that her new friend's mother wanted to meet me. She had heard from Angel, my daughter, that I was into Astrology. She was also into Astrology and wanted to talk. She was inviting us to dinner. I must admit that when Angel told me that we were being taken to the biggest smorgasbord in Salt Lake City, I made sure that I took along my biggest purse, just in case I had a chance to bring something home for later.

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were lead to a long table with twelve people already seated. A woman came up to me and told me that her name was Donna Long – she was Chrissy's mother. She also told me that this was like a business dinner, and that if I could just be patient, we would be able to talk later. I sat at the end of the long table, eating my food and watching all of the other people sitting at the table. I remember wondering why all of these people were paying such close attention to the elderly woman sitting at the head of the table. I also noticed that the people sitting with me at the table were from various places. Since I was sitting a straight shot down the table from the older woman, I would look up occasionally and find her looking at me funny. When she would catch my eye, she would shake her head, frown a little and look away.

It seems that all of the people sitting there also went to Donna's house [including Debbie] after dinner. By the time Donna arrived, I was sitting in the living room watching these people as they sat on the floor in a circle rubbing each other's shoulders and backs. They had asked me if I wanted to join in, but I declined. Donna told me that I could wait in the dining room while she said goodbye to all of her guests. I sat in the dining room talking to Gene [her husband] for about two hours while Donna did what she had to do. During that time Gene asked me if I believed in what all these people believed in. I asked what that was. His answer was something to effect of: "Oh, you know, flying saucers and that kind of thing." So I told him that I believed in UFO's and aliens. He kind of grunted and excused himself and went off downstairs.

When all the people had left, Donna came into the dining room, lit a cigarette and let out a big sigh. So, me being the shy person that I am (HA!), proceeded to ask her: "Who are all of those people?" "Why were they hanging on every word that her mother said, and who exactly was her mother; was she famous or something?" Her mother's name was Thelma Terrell. She had gone through a "walk-in" experience and became "Tuella". She channeled the Ashtar Command and wrote books about those channelings. Tuella had a vast following worldwide and these were some of the people that were a part of spreading her channeled messages. Now, I HAD heard of the Ashtar Command, in fact, I had heard that term just four months before for the first time. I remembered getting what I called "God Bumps" when I heard the name. I recalled that the person that told me about the Command had also told me that a woman brought through their messages.... So I asked Donna what books her mother had written, thinking that I may have read one of them and not known. Donna cited a list of book titles, none of which rang any bells for me.

She asked if I would like to see the office. We went downstairs and into a room that had shelves from the ceiling to half-down the wall on two of the long walls with books covering the shelves. There were two desks and a long table. Donna took a book off of one of the shelves and handed it to me. When I looked at the cover of the book I got dizzy and fell back. Luckily, I landed in a chair. I don't know what I looked like to her, but I was crying so bad that it took a few minutes for me to realize that she had pulled up a chair and was sitting in front of me. She asked me why I was crying. I told her that the cover of the book was my dream. I explained that I had a recurring dream about once a month for as long as I could remember. In fact, it was a dream that had gotten me kicked out of Sunday School.

It was the cover of Project: World Evacuation. The picture showed a ship in the sky, a beam coming out of the bottom of it, people floating up into the bottom of the ship, and one person on a rooftop flying up into the craft without assistance from the beam. I told Donna that I was that person on the roof, but in my dream I was standing on a sidewalk with other people, and all I had to do was lift my arms out to my sides and I would fly up into the craft from an opening in the side of the ship. I told Donna that I had a job inside of the ship. When the people would come in from the beam, they would enter a room filled with what looks to be shower stalls. They would enter into a stall and there their bodies would be made perfect, and when they came out I would give them a garment to wear. After this was done, I would then go up to the top of the craft in an open area, where I could stand at a railing and watch what was going on down on the surface of the planet. I was never allowed to remember what I saw, but I was allowed to remember that there were beings there walking through the crowd of people watching, and they would comfort them saying things like: "Do not worry; they will not suffer long" or "This was the choice that they made", and I even remember hearing the word Karma for the first time through this dream.

I told Donna that I had always told the preachers that this dream was showing me the Second Coming of Christ. I would also tell them that the ships would come in from the West with the setting Sun. This would cause a ruckus, because the Bible said that it would not be from the West. But they could never get me to change my mind....



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