Breath of Life



Through the Grace of our Creator, mankind has now been given that which it has long awaited - a new healing modality, taught through his Divine Messenger, Metatron, showing us the way to bring our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies into alignment with the Matrix of Perfection which He established for us in the Beginning, in preparation for the Dawning of the New Golden Age.

This new breathing technique was brought through by Metatron, "the personal liaison between the Throne and humans" and presented to Ashtar's Trinity and several other members of their soul-family, as a Contract with Source for them to teach this method to others. It was with reverence, respect and gratitude that we accepted this Contract. We were told the following by Sananda: "Metatron was just the instrument that brought the information. Metatron was commanded by God to bring you this information. For it is time." We have also been informed by Sananda that, in return for learning this breathing method, you, also, will be contracted to Source to teach it to ten other people.

Metatron had this to say about this Method: "It is The Breath to learn how to change your body to accept one dimension into another. When you teach this, you are teaching this to people to heal not only their bodies, but in using this breathing method, they will release many things, including major issues most Lightworkers have… such as worthiness, abundance, acceptance, allowance. For when they use this breathing method, as I said, it will take their conscious Being directly to the Throne." He calls it "the breathing method that heals anything… ANYTHING… ANYTHING. This includes anything from a cold to terminal cancer." We make no medical claims, however, will share with you that people using this method have completely done away with lumps in the breast and one AIDS patient was able to go completely off his medications and is now leading a normal life.

We have, at Metatron's suggestion, put together a 'package' which contains everything you need in order to learn "The Breath of Life". Each package contains a cassette tape of instructions, a specially-charged 6-sided clear quartz crystal for making the water which is VITAL to this healing method, and a template for you to focus on while doing the breathing and 'intents'. This template is a piece of channeled artwork from Metatron through Ruthie Ferrone, who has graciously donated it to what she feels is a worthwhile cause. When focused on, this template will connect you to the 'energies' of the Method. We have, of course, incorporated this Method into our own lives, and can attest to its abilities. Our own endorsement, however, is insufficient. You must experience it for yourself to see the truly miraculous results.


NOTE: Those with life-threatening or weakened conditions may begin with ½ the amount of water, gradually working into the full amount. The juice may be diluted as much as ½ and ½. Those with these types conditions are to do the Breath of Life continuously, i.e., 3 days water/breath, 1-day juice fast… then repeat, beginning on the 5th day with the water and breath again. Clear broth or gelatin may also be used in place of part of the juice on the 4th day.

DISCLAIMER: The Breath of Life is not meant as a substitute for professional medical care by a licensed physician. Also, the information contained herein is not to be construed as 'medical advice' or as a prescribed course of 'medical treatment'.

In accordance with Metatron's instructions, we (nor you) can charge for the teaching of this Gift from God. We have been authorized only to recoup our expenses, i.e., the cost of the cassette tape, the crystal and the postage, and to ask only a Love donation over that amount. We cannot, ourselves, even suggest an 'amount' to you… for how can you put a value on such a Gift from God? We can only ask… what Love donation is this worth to YOU? It could be $5.00, $500, or $5000. It is the recipient's obligation to listen to their heart. This is the method of payment.

Orders for "The Breath of Life: A Gift From The Throne" can be sent to Church of Sananda’s Eagles, P.O. Box 328, Clarkdale, AZ 86324, along with a check or money (U.S. funds only) for $5.00 as a minimum Love donation for the cost of the tape and crystal. Please add $1.50 for postage within the U.S. and $3.40 in U.S. currency or postal coupons for all orders outside the U.S.


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