Clean Air Crystals


Gifted By Ashtar


In August 2000 Ashtar gifted us with a special formula for programming and charging certain quartz crystals to become purifiers and neutralizers of the air and atmosphere from 'man-made' pollutants. The distribution of these special crystals throughout the world is top priority with the Ashtar Command. Ashtar explained that the cleansing and neutralizing effect of these crystals was a necessary prerequisite to the Command's use of their machinery to entirely cleanse earth's atmosphere and return it to its natural neutrality. Our present atmosphere now contains too much 'negative' energy, and mankind must now help it to become more neutral and balanced so that the planet will be ready and not go into shock when the purification of its entire atmosphere is implemented. These Clean Air Crystals are companions to the Ashtar Rainbow Water Crystals and the crystals that were buried in the Earth to create a grid. Although they all work efficiently independently, they will also work in tandem with each other to boost the purpose and intent of each other. Ashtar said that if only 3 of the Clean Air Crystals were placed into use along with those using the water and grid crystals, "all on the face of the planet would notice the difference."

The effect of these Clean Air Crystals is 'instantaneous', and they do not harm or change any of the minute microbes or life forms that are natural and necessary to the air. The crystals are charged with a Christed energy, which multiplies when placed into 'groups'. The use of these crystals is always Divinely protected and will bring no harm. Ashtar himself chose the most efficient size crystal that we are to use.

Because the crystals are charged with Christed energy, they work much better in groups rather than singularly. It is suggested that a grouping of at least 3 or more together in the same place substantially adds to the magnitude of the cleansing effect and area, as they will synchronistically boost each other's charge for a longer period of time. The effective radius of one crystal is 50 feet; two crystals together is 200 feet; three crystals together is 700 feet; four crystals together is more than 1,000 feet; eight crystals together is more than 5,000 feet; and continuing to multiply at even a greater rate as more are added. A grouping of the crystals is most effective for this reason. The specially selected crystals are all six-sided and are purposely without perfect points. This is to cause them to function as 'collectors' of the negative man-made pollutants.

Recycling and Recharging

The Clean Air Crystals can 'take in' only so much pollutants and then they will cease to function. At such time, they need to be replaced with new ones, or returned to us for cleansing and recharging. They will not recharge themselves and they will not charge other crystals. Three or more of the crystals placed together will sufficiently boost each other's effectiveness for one full year before they no longer function. One cluster of the crystals will be effective for three full years before they no longer function. If you order the Clean Air 'Body' Crystals (small enough to be made into jewelry), three or more of them, when clustered together, will sufficiently be effective for six months before they no longer function.

When the clean Air Crystals have completed their purpose and are no longer functioning, it is suggested that you choose one of the following actions: (1) You may contact us and exchange them for newly programmed and charged crystals. The returned crystals will be recycled through cleansing and recharging. (2) You may keep the crystals, but it is recommended that you cleanse the pollutants from them by completely submerging them into a dry natural sea-salt for three days. After this cleansing, the crystals will be ''neutral' and without programming or the correct 'charge' to function as a Clean Air Crystal. (3) You may also choose to permanently bury them into the Earth where they will be naturally cleansed after a good length of time. If you simply keep them without any action on your part, please remember that they are full of negative pollutants!

Smaller Clean Air 'Body' Crystals are also available for individuals and pets to wear or carry on their bodies. Again, it is suggested for a grouping of three or more of these smaller crystals to be placed together for optimal effectiveness. Although these smaller crystals will only affect a smaller area surrounding the body, they will instantaneously cleanse and neutralize the air as you or your pet moves from one area to the another. The crystals do not have to be touching each other, just placed in proximity of each other, as in a necklace or bracelet. They can also be placed inside of a container, bag or wrapped within any type of holder, etc. Those persons or animals who are drinking the Ashtar Rainbow Water will find that carrying the Clean Air Crystals on their bodies will give them an extra boost as well. (As a reminder to all, the use of the Rainbow Water crystals 'on the body' is NOT recommended, as these crystals have points and, therefore, beam out a focused energy that may be overwhelming to the body.)


Clean Air Crystals
Minimum Love Donations: Single Crystal $5.00
Set of 3 Crystals: $12.00
Crystal Cluster: $15.00

Postage for the Clean Air Crystals:
Within U.S.: $6.00 for up to 6 crystals (in the same package)
Add $1.00 for 1-3 additional crystals
Outside U.S.: $7.50 for up to 6 crystals (in the same same package)

ALL ORDERS should be sent to: Church of Sananda’s Eagles, P.O. Box 328, Clarkdale, AZ 86324 USA
with check or money order made out to Church of Sananda’s Eagles (NOT to Ashtar's Trinity or Sananda's Eagles). Credit card orders can be placed via PayPal, and the address you will need is:

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.


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