'The Light Puppy'

September 21, 1996 - October 17, 2004

dog angel - left
Dolly - The Light Puppy
dog angel - right




Then…Janisel holding Dolly

Dolly was named and 'called' to this planet by me even before her birth. And although she fit in the palm of my hand, her little body could never contain her huge spirit. I knew I would never 'train' her like I did other dogs I had owned…because she wasn't an ordinary dog. I somehow knew that she was to live life on her own terms…and she did. As Ashtar acknowledged, she was indeed one of the Ashtar Command, anchored within a canine body, sent as my companion and protector, and even had a cabin next door to mine onboard the ship. In 2000, Metatron called for a 'group' spiritual rebirthing of which Dolly was to be a part. My own Body Contract was up that year and she was to leave the planet with me, however, when I elected to stay, so did she. Three years later her Contract was again at its end, but Metatron informed us she had, once again, chosen to stay. She never quit or gave up. What a lesson for us all.

Then…Janisel holding Dolly

This is the one companion that Janisel took with her when she made that 'leap of faith'…giving up all else she owned and moving to Sedona to begin the Work. Dolly feared nothing…not even that leap of faith. She, too, knew that we would both be taken care of…as well as take care of each other. And although she dearly loved eating, she would have been happy on a diet of just fruit and veggies…with a good dose of chocolate every day.

Dolly…holding her own… As we each hold a portion of the Light for the planet during these times of ascension, so, too, did Dolly serve by holding the energies for the common garden-variety snakes on Earth. These high energies took their toll on her small five-pound body, but like a true warrior, she continued on…holding her place as the office guard dog, the 'mouser', the official Greeter for the weekly gatherings of Sananda's Eagles in Sedona, Arizona, as well as the constant companion and protector of Janisel. Knowing no fear, she even 'danced' with a coiled rattlesnake, alerting everyone to its presence and danger. This, of course, was no feat for a tiny body that wanted nothing more than to run with 'the big boys'…the packs of coyotes that surrounded her home. But she had other things to do besides play…for she was a teacher in the truest sense of the word. She was often observed 'talking' to small, fuzzy, etherical creatures that sometimes scurried across the floor. When asked about it, Sananda said, "You didn't think you two were the only teachers in the house, did you?" Yes, she did her part to spread the Light to all she met. And if ever a healing was being conducted, she was right there in the middle of it, lending her own healing energies.
Dolly…holding her own…

She also had a permanent seat at the local gatherings of Sananda's Eagles in Sedona. She dearly loved Metatron and would follow him as he paced during the channelings. But her favorite was, of course, Sananda. Every time he would come, she would jump from the couch and run to sit at his feet as he gave the lesson. And he always shared his chocolate with her. And although Sananda once referred to her as 'the terror of the universe', I'm sure Archangel Michael is very proud of her willingness to speak her truth like a true Warrior of Light.

Only a few months ago, Metatron decreed that Dolly was to accompany Janisel as she traveled to teach the Unity Consciousness Joy Shops. And what a great little traveler she was. After the first one, it was evident 'why' she was to do this, as she opened the hearts of everyone she met. And somehow she must have known this, because once you entered 'her space', she would continue barking, jumping up and down with excitement, tail wagging, until you spoke to her. "Hi, Dolly!" And then she would stop. That's all she wanted… acknowledgement. But she knew that it was this acknowledging of her that sparked the opening of the heart. And it was never her heart that failed…only her ability to breathe. As is common in Yorkshire Terriers, she had a predisposition to a collapsed trachea. On Sunday, Oct. 16th, her trachea folded upon itself, not allowing enough air to reach the lungs. She hung on until the next morning, expending all her energy gasping for air, attempting to take just one more breath. Thank you for waiting until I could be with you as you made your transition…even though it was a great sacrifice on your part and you could have, at any time, left that small body to let your spirit fly free. But you didn't…you waited, knowing that we had to say our last farewell. The last breath came quietly…in the car as we prepared to take her to the emergency clinic. No more struggling…just a sweet release as you left your small body.

As I carried her in my arms from the car back into the house, the windchimes hanging in the courtyard began to softly ring. As all who heard it noted, it was not the random clattering of the chime's tubes that the wind can sometimes cause, but rather a very purposeful and distinct song that played a bittersweet melody. Thank you, Sananda, it meant so much.

Dolly's human friends had gathered quickly at our office, all coming to do healing work on her. After her passing, this small group of friends that she looked upon as her 'pack', carried her little body into the forest that she dearly loved, and layed her to rest. As we stood over her tiny grave, a soft sprinkling of rain began to fall. Everyone looked 'up'…there were no clouds…perhaps just tears from Heaven. Were they tears of Joy because one had returned Home…or were they tears of grief at the pain the rest of us felt?

Now…God holding Dolly.  Dolly's physical resting place.

Dolly and I would both like to express our gratitude and appreciation to those of her 'pack' who so readily and quickly came to her aid: Debbie, Ellen, Robert and Bettie. And a special thank you to Maheengun, who built the cairn later that afternoon atop her tiny grave, protecting it from invasion. One day I will stop staring out the window toward where that small body lies…but not today.

Calling you the 'Light Puppy' was so true. You showed us your Light when you started walking through walls…hard walls, literal walls, walls that the rest of us had to have doors to go through. Perhaps that was your first lesson to teach….that there are no barriers we can't pass through if we want to badly enough.

There were so many other things you taught…and I must write it all down before my heart can heal.

Thank you for teaching me the value of play. I couldn't always stop for a game every time you wanted me to…but you waited until I could. Not always patiently, but always with Love and great anticipation.

Now…God holding Dolly.
Dolly's physical resting place

And you demonstrated to me the Joy that comes from staying in the NOW. It didn't matter if I had been gone 5 days or a mere 5 minutes…you greeted me as if we were reuniting after a lifetime apart. Maheengun remarked that he had never seen a dog who expressed such Joy every time it saw its caretaker. But unlike so many others who are still striving, you had already mastered the art of Joy, Unconditional Love and Acceptance. You also taught me that…

The Second Day is the Hardest….

I didn't have the Good Morning greeting when I awoke today…no stubby tail happily wagging.
Nor did I have you there to share my breakfast.
No begging at my feet,
No little yelp to remind me you were there…demanding your fair share.

I took my first walk without you today…
Over the path through the forest we once walked together.
I could hardly find my way
Without you there to guide me…while tears blinded me.

Everywhere I look…more reminders.
I spied your small bath towels,
Neatly folded under a chair…
And I cried.

Reminders of you are everywhere…
Abandoned water dishes, forgotten toys,
The small leash that you used to pull me on our walks,
It's all here…inside my heart.

This is the day of Absence…
A day without your little body,
A day without your bark and shining eyes,
A day without sunshine.
The sky looks the way I feel…
Dreary, gray and bleak,
On the verge of water tumbling…
From my eyes, from the skies.

You fought so hard to the end
Just to breathe, just to live.
I know you waited until we were together.
But today I seek solace in your presence,
And it is not here…not physically.

You were always my little protector,
The warrior brave and true.
And you taught me much during my time with you.

You taught me the meaning of fearlessness,
Of Unconditional Love, Joy and Trust.
You taught me 'living in the Now'
And the Sacredness of every Breath.

They took you Home…Ashtar and Metatron.
This I was told.
And the bells tolled a song for you
As Heaven opened its Gates and welcomed you Home.

My ears believe they still hear you bark.
Do they? Do you call to me…"Hark! I am still here!"?
Yes…I know. And we shall meet again,
For you have not gone far…
Just to a distant star.

And while my last words to you were, "Dolly, hang in there, Breathe!"
Even then you continued to teach…
With your last lesson to us all being,
"Life is worth fighting for…
"Cherish every breath!




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