Rock of Ages



This is the stone that holds the Gold Energy of Creator. Whether you are a Healer, Reiki Practitioner, an Energy Worker, member of a Prayer Group or a Meditator, this is the BOOST to take your work to its Highest Level. This is a new Lightworkers Tool that Sananda has asked be sent out worldwide. According to Sananda, this 'rock' is still connected to the center of the Earth, and is the essence of pure prana from the Creator. In his words, it is "the generator of Creator healing energy. It will MAGNIFY, AMPLIFY, BOOST, ANYTHING that you do! Boost your healing work! Boost your prayer power! Boost your meditations! Whatever your spiritual work might be, this will magnify and amplify the energy of that work." Please be aware that it also boosts the energy of anything you `intend'. And, whoa! Talk about what it does for your meditations! USE WITH CAUTION!

Sananda was asked, during our public channeling, what he wanted us to tell you about these crystal rocks. This is what was said:

Sananda: The #1 benefit of these is that they are Gold energy. When you think `gold', you think anything that gold can do for you, the vibration of gold. This `generator of Creator healing energy'.The #2 benefit is Healing, very intense healing work. When you do your healing work, if you throw gold into the mixture, it boosts all other colors, right? The #3 benefit is Manifestation. Any time you're manifesting, gold energy boosts and magnetizes, and then electrifies. Gold can be worked both electric and magnetic when it comes to `anything'. Name something else that you would like, other than healing and manifesting. Clarity! Yes, Gold is perfect clarity! It boosts ANYTHING. It amplifies ANYTHING. Now, we're not talking about the metal gold. What we are talking about, as I said before, is the perfect Ray that goes from the Heart of Creation to the Heart of the inside of this planet. You're talking about the perfect prana of the Earth. Therefore, you're talking about a substance that looks neither like a crystal nor a rock, yet it is `of the earth', it is what the Earth is made of. It was made from the fires of the inside of this planet. And it is old, VERY OLD. You are talking about a substance that would be carbon dated to over 4-1/2 billion years old. <grin> If you smell these rocks, you smell the smell of the Ancients. You are talking about a part of this planet that has not been perverted by man. And you've been gifted with the knowledge of where that is, and the fact that it's time to get it out because people need to touch upon that ancient purity. Once you receive and start working with your `generator of Creator healing energy', it's guaranteed that you'll want to get more… one for your pocket or purse, one for your desk, one for your car, perhaps one to wire-wrap and wear as a necklace, and more importantly, some to give to other Lightworkers.

The Rock of Ages is available for a minimum love donation of $22. The size of the rocks vary, but regardless of size, all carry the same amount of energy.

ALL ORDERS should be sent to: Church of Sananda’s Eagles, P.O. Box 328, Clarkdale, AZ 86324 USA
with check or money order made out to Church of Sananda’s Eagles (NOT to Ashtar's Trinity or Sananda's Eagles).
Credit card orders can be placed via PayPal, and the address you will need is:

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.



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