Bell Rock
Bell Rock in the Village of Oak Creek near Sedona, Arizona




UFO over Village of Oak CreekAshtar and Sananda have both referred to the Ashtar's Trinity office in Sedona as the 'Headquarters' for the Earth-based Command. That is not, however, what makes Sedona so special. This is a land of magic, mystery, lots of UFO activity, vortices and portals. Anyone who has ever visited this beautiful location can definitely testify to the energies they feel here. Some call them 'alien' energies, some just call them 'higher-dimensional' energies. No matter the name given to them, you'll either love them… or won't be able to tolerate them at all. Sedona, herself, is an energetic Being… and she either loves you or sends you on your way. It has been said that, if you can live in the Sedona energies for six years, then she welcomes you to stay.

Reserved Parking signSo what is it that makes Sedona the New Age Mecca that it is? For one, it is the only location on the planet where you'll find the energies of ALL chakras. It is, therefore, like a train 'switching yard'… all energies, either coming in or leaving Earth, first go through Sedona before being dispersed to the rest of the planet. It is these 'points of entry or exit' that create the famous Sedona vortices. One can find a vortex at most any point on Earth, especially places like mountain tops, and 'feel' the energy within it. There are, however, so many vortices in Sedona that it's sometimes difficult to feel the 'pure' energy of any one of them because their energetic fields overlap one another. What, you might ask, exactly IS a vortex? In a nutshell, it's a magnetic energy field. The positively charged vortices are feminine, containing nurturing, or yin, qualities. The negatively charged vortices are masculine, active, energizing or yang. This can make the energies in Sedona somewhat confusing at times, as you are literally moving in and out of positive and negative magnetic energy fields as you move from place to place. As you can see from the photo at the left, we DO take our vortices seriously.

Needless to say, there are a number of businesses offering scenic tours by both air and hiking. If you're planning a trip to Sedona and would like to treat yourself to a hike or visit to the sacred sites and vortices, email Janisel at . She can arrange for you a 'private' tour conducted by two of Sedona's best guides… both of which are members of Ashtar's Trinity and Sananda's Eagles… at a much less expensive rate than the local tour companies.

A second big attraction to Sedona is the sky. The UFO activity in both the night sky and also during daylight hours makes Sedona a haven for Ufologist and astronomers alike. There is not only an abundance of the so-called 'lenticular cloud-ships' which are visible during the day, but also a bevy of craft activity at night, often giving rise to a game of 'cat and mouse' between the ships and the military fighter jets. This is one of the most entertaining games in town! We have been fortunate enough to have been 'tipped-off' by Ashtar as to when some of these games will occur and, settling in under a jet-black night sky in the Coconino National Forest, have been thrilled to witness the F-16's scramble above us in pursuit of one of the craft. Needless to say they never 'catch' them, as the ships suddenly disappear, only to reappear again directly behind the jet that was chasing them. And the point to all this? Well, as Ashtar put it (tongue-in-cheek), "We understand your military does like to engage in their exercises… and we help them out in that regard." Below are example photos of lenticular clouds which are produced when the ships 'dip down' into our dimensional reality, as well as a photo Janisel took one morning of a shuttle craft cruising along at about 20,000 feet above the Village of Oak Creek, just outside of Sedona.

Examples of 'lenticular' clouds which 'hide' the Ships of Light
Lenticular cloud over Sedona.
Photo by PeaceWalker

UFO Photo by Janisel Blowup of UFO
This is a photo of a shuttle craft taken by Janisel. At right is an enlargement.

News ArticleOf course, Sedona is only one of many places with an abundance of UFO sightings… but we DO get a lot of press. At the left is an interesting newspaper article about the UFO activity in Sedona, which quotes one of our own Eagles, Steve Counihan.

Rainbow Ship?
The Rainbow Ship, maybe?

What else is it about Sedona that pulls people here besides the energies, the UFO activity and other metaphysical draws? The beauty. This is a town full of writers and artists, each depicting the majesty and beauty of the area in their own way. Undoubtedly, some of the most frequently seen businesses here are art, photo and sculpture galleries. These are interspersed, of course, with the ever-present New Age stores featuring crystals of every size, shape and description, as well as the 'essentials' such as incense, sage, aromatherapy kits and someone who can give you the psychic Reading of your choice. Doing all this shopping and sightseeing can, of course, one can really work up an appetite. Therefore, probably the next largest category of businesses in Sedona is restaurants. We DO love to eat! Here you can find food from around the world as well as the vegetarian cuisine which might be expected in a New Age community. What might NOT be expected here, however, are the number of championship golf courses, both private and public, owing to our mild year-round climate.

If you plan on visiting our magical community anytime soon, be sure and check out to see what will be happening during your stay, as well as other pertinent information such as weather, hotels, B&B's, workshops/seminars, entertainment and night life. You're sure to be taking a lot of pictures of our beautiful Red Rocks during your stay, but keep your eyes and camera on the skies… you never know what you might see.


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